Donaldson profile

Citybeat has a short profile of the Short Strand born Denis Donaldson.

  • Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his (former) friends.

    Denis was killed in an attempt to hide a bigger mole than he, if you ask me.

  • 2 shotgun cartridges

    Hey this guy was no Scappatticci…. no way

    Scap had the sense to fuck off to Sorrento in Italy, and not a wee cottage but a big walled maximum security villa.

    Martin and Alex must be shitting themselves.

  • Busty Brenda


    Why don’t you ask martin mcguinness how he feels? He will be in Clonard Monastary on Sunday nite at 7.30 doing his lenten talk on my life my faith my work. He is the last of the six speakers. No religion involved. The speakers talk and then after 30 mins or so, they give a question and answer session.

    Theres your opportunity to ask McGuinness is he shitting himself!!

  • concerned Handler


    The death of Denis is both sad and it was preventable. I am concerned that the source of this leak i.e. Mr Jordon and a former Special branch man Mr Colin Breen . These two individuals were spoon fed this story and received £ 500 from the Sunday world and £ 1 K from UTV . The film is now being sold to other media outlets.

    Mr Jordon has strong connections with the security services and is a stooge they use. It is possible that this murder is a Ra inspired/ dissafected individual that said all aspects of this case should be investigated along with the source of his exposure in his remote cottage. To those who know me , I do not believe in coincidences.Lets have the truth on this one at least.

    concerned Handler.

  • 2 shotgun cartridges

    Busted Brenda,

    Naw he probably isn’t cocerned in the slightest, not while there are unquestioning muppets all too willingly ready to fling themselves forward as sandbags for a VERY VERY DODGEY LEADERSHIP.

    Now what you have to ask is would you be a Sandbag or a windbag for “old Ireland”

  • concerned Handler
  • Busty Brenda

    shotgun if he is not concerned then why do you say he is shitting himself?

    Would I be a sandbag or a windbag for ‘old ireland’?

    NO!! NI is British. LOL

  • 2 shotgun cartridges

    That whistling sound you heard was something going right over the top of your head Busted Brenda, but please don’t give it a second thought because you are just like the general public.. so intellectually small everything goes right over their heads.

  • the long fellow

    ‘Martin and Alex are shitting themselves’

    2 shotgun cartridges, why don’t you give us the inside information on why these two are shitting themselves.

    Or are they shitting themselves laughing at YOU!!

  • Murder or Execution
    What was done had to be done ! Remember Dapper Dennis Donaldson was over here,in California, for a time.He was sent here by Gerry Adams to direct the movement in American.Gerry Adams was fast to come out on this, when after, a near 40 years, he can’t come to say he was in the IRA.Like they say in Northeast Ireland’Even the dog on the street knows that.’While we are blaming everyone at this point…..Where the hell was Dick Cheney at the time ????????????? Bill Ashe