New Unionist blogger on the block…

Excellent new unionist oriented blog from Slugger regular Pakman. It doesn’t look as though he’s about to give anyone an easy time. Which is exactly how it should be!


  • middle-class taig

    I agree, excellent. Particularly for reminding us of the irresistible wordpower of our “unashemebly” unionist brothers.

    Great to see a unionist blog eschewing hyperbole and apocalyptic doomsaying. Heartening to see unionists emerging from the barren wilderness of “Not an inch”, “No surrender”, “Ulster Says No”, to the more nuanced and hopeful message “We Perish if We Yield”.

    Although, I can’t help feeling an opportunity was missed. Perhaps, borrowing more from the ancient foundations of unionism, as revealed in Ulster Scots and the Guid Buik, a more forward-looking reworking of the blog title might have been “Yeeel ye nat Kin o’Ulster, lest ye PERISH at the haan o’the Bunnel o’Thugs”.

  • The clock is ticking to 1916.
    ol pakman has some great books on his favourite reads.

  • Bemused

    Oh Dear – fresh(ish) from a failed political career comes Peter King spluttering pidgin-Scots and mis-spelling everyting within sight.

    The Union is safe at last

  • Bemused

    P.S. I see his list of interests includes “‘Ulster’ and ‘Northern Ireland'” – let’s not write him off just yet – at last, a Unionist who realises that they are two different entities!

  • Yokel

    I hear one of yer interests Bemused is being that a solo profession or is there a Belfast club. I’d like to go along and see what type of atmosphere there is.

    Bless ya really

  • darth rumsfeld

    Hmmm, this person strikes me as far too liberal, possibly an MI5 plant, and suspiciously ignoring the key question -when are we getting to the nitty gritty and reconquering the lost 26? There’s a whole three million more people we can oppress down there.

    All this namby pamby defensive stuff about 2016 is no use pakman. Charge up those Brookeborough Bombers that the lads in the Bombardier “model aircraft” club have been building in their spare time. Dig out the pre 1920 maps of Dublin- they’ll tell us all we need to know to rename the soon to be conquered city of Dublin- where the Viceregal lodge is, how long the Carlisle bridge spans, the necessary curtilege to re-erect the Nelson column.
    Own up to the concentration camps in Cullybackey that Father Alec Reid and Mary McAleese stumbled upon one morning when they were dancing at Lughnasa.
    Forget Tara-start digging for the Ark of the Covenant at Slemish, where any good British Israelite would expect to find it.
    And most important- what about a clock that counts down the dyas to the Twelfth????

  • Dr Strangelove

    ” what about a clock that counts down the days to the Twelfth ”

    Unfortunately the shadow that clock casts darkens the doorstep of many a household in NI