Any Questions from Omagh

Pat Doherty and Ian Paisley making a reasonable fist at making being grown up politicians on with Peter Hain and Anne Atkins on Any Questions. Though Doherty has just had a very cool reception from the Omagh audience when he tried to palm off the decision to close the Tyrone County Hospital in favour of the Erne down the road to direct rule Minister Des Browne. Interesting difference of logic between the Unionist and Republican, even when they agree on the final outcome. It’s live at the moment, but sound file and transcript should be available next week.

  • slug

    I am afraid when Dimbleby announced that the panelists would be Hain, Paisley and Doherty and some “bemused” Englishwoman I switched it off – sounded painful.

    Did I miss anything good?

  • missfitz

    How can you manage to name the 3 men yet call the woman on the panel nothing more than “bemused”?

  • slug

    Coz I don’t remember her name but I do remember that Dimbleby introduced her as possibly looking on with “bemusement” at the NI situation.

  • If you have ever heard Ann Aitkins on “Thought For The Day” you’d know that “bemused” is probably one of the least offensive words you could use to describe her. She is best known for her vehement opposition to gay sex and her fundamental Christian views.

    (I don’t understand the ball/man rule but as Ann Aitkins is a woman I guess it doesn’t apply).

  • Rory

    Mrs Atkins is a journalist and regular contributor to “Thought for the Day2 and is the wife of an Anglican vicar. She certainly espouses fairly traditional Christian views on marriage, on the sanctity of the family and on abortion and homosexuality. But she has never struck me as being vehement or fundamentalist. She simply puts forward her position and does it rather well without vitriol and without rancour. I think that’s what most upsets her opponents.

    She doesn’t upset me because I simply don’t share her views but I have never put her among the rabid mob. She is an Anglican after all, not a Southern Baptist.

    In any case among a very dull crew on Friday night’s “Question Time” she did not find it hard to be the star. But then that says rather more of the lacklustre of the other participants than it does for any shining qualities of Mrs Atkins I’m afraid.

  • slug

    I thought she was rather a good performer. I might be biased but I thought Doherty was rather poor – perhaps radio is not his medium.