Quote[s] of the day

Two candidates for quote of the day in the same report, although I doubt it’s the report Michael O’Leary would be hoping everyone would focus on, even if, strictly speaking, the aircraft appears to have been an Eirjet Airbus 320 on what’s termed a wet lease to Ryanair.. ANYway.. the quotes. Attributed to the pilot – “We may have arrived at the wrong airport”.. or the alternative, from a Ryanair passenger temporarily forgetting he was on a no-frills airline – “Unfortunately they didn’t let us go down the slide”

  • Lurker

    I wantr to know why the army didn’t shoot down the plane before it breached their security. Some state of readiness they were in.

  • Grimesy

    Maybe that military base is Derry’s answer to Frankfurt Hahn!

  • Valenciano

    Nah Grimesy it’s 100 km too close too Derry to be Frankfurt Hahn!

  • Pete Baker

    And here’s another candidate for quote of the day.. from the same story.. this time by Captain Mervyn Granshaw, chairman of the British Airlines Pilots` Association, as reported by the Press Association

    “We recognise in aviation that human beings are fallible, from simple things like putting teabags in a milk jug to the other end of the spectrum of landing at the wrong runway.”

    That’s quite a wide spectrum…

  • urquhart

    Could this ‘quote of the day’ be an ongoing feature on Slugger? Public Life here is never short of howlers…

  • Pete Baker

    Consider it an occasional feature, urquhart.