did they realise?

As Noel McAdam in the Belfast Telegraph points out, while we wait to see if anyone blinks before the expected visit next Thursday from Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and Prime Minster Tony Blair.. you have to wonder whether either of the two premiers were aware that some might see a conspiracy in the date currently pencilled in as the day to reveal the governments’ proposals.. 6th April just happens to be a certain Ian Paisley’s 80th birthday.. [off tinfoil hat]

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  • RmcC

    Every day is somebody’s birthday 🙂

  • What nobody can predict for certain is the human-conditions response to this perhaps shadowy Shadow Assembly.
    In Jean-Paul Satre’s piece Huis Clos ( No way out ) there are essential germs of existentialist thought such as “Hell is other people.”
    Now if you both main parties saw reality this way, there’d be no compromise.
    The agony could never give way to the ecstasy.
    Alternatively the friendlier, but just as absurd Beckett in all of us could present some scope for each side to see and adapt to each others humanity.
    In Endgame one is blind, one is crippled.
    This is quite a good metaphor for the DUP and SF respectively.
    The DUP hopelessly blind and in denial to the others needs, inc equality and human rights.
    Plus the IRA bogeyman
    SF hopelessly crippled by the fall-out from armed struggle, inc the Rafia claims, and its denials, and its securocrat bogeymen.
    The best hope is that being in the same room together may cause each side to view the other as more like themselves than they previously thought. Even if it is simply on the level of human existential existence, its a start.
    Both grow old , die, suffer illnesss, loss, guilt etc etc.
    This is what is behind the Goverments thinking.
    Imagine a well timed fart could bring the house down!
    And if by this accident the tension is eased, who knows
    history may record and place the Adams or Paisley Fart as the breakthrough,
    that lit up the Assembly
    Well as long as its not a follow-through!
    So lighters ready post 6th April.
    Happy Birthday Ian, go on give us an old fart 😉

  • Jim

    The only way you could get Paisley to fart is to tell him he’s not allowed to.