Byrne: “Donegal drivers are lunatics”

After picking up this story about investigators from the NI Police Ombudsman’s Office going to Letterkenny to investigate a car crime, I came across this little gem from Gay Byrne, who has already cracked a few eggs within days of taking up his new post as Chair of the Road Safety Authority, when he explained that Donegal drivers are lunatics. He’s been a regular visitor for 35 years.

  • This is all smarmy Martin Cullen’s doing, and it drives (ha ha) me insane. Apparently, according to one of the Sunday’s (can’t remember which one, sorry) he just called up old Gaybo, and asked him if he was interested in a job, seeing as he was one of the boys. So much for equal opportunities, and so forth. At least one commentator made the point during the week that road safety issues were largely concerned with young drivers, and it was unlikely that a 72 year old man would be able to connect with them.

  • This is hardly as controversial as the bishop and the nightie, guys and gals. Let’s face it Uncle Gaybo is on the money. The stats on deaths from dangerous driving on the Inishowen peninsula are horrific – and God only knows what sort of maiming has taken place up there.

  • “Donegal drivers are lunatics”

    Bollocks, horsefeathers, rubbish and bullpucky.

    Fahdder Cox should have put that spell on Gay and saved us from this nonsense. There’s still time, Mikie lad.

    The very worst driver profile on the whole damned island is the Gomer driving a Beamer with NI plates. You can take that to the bank.

    The only people on the planet that are more obnoxious and arrogant are the shower that makes Rte. 128 around Boston a hellhole. Make that a physicist in a Beamer on 128 and you have the Antichrist.

  • Harry Flashman

    Smilin’ Jim

    I know the politics of envy ensures BMW drivers always will get a poor rap but the fact remains that boy racers in baseball caps driving souped up Opel Corsas or Vauxhall Novas are the real problems on the road. Check the Irish Times on a Monday to see who got culled in the previous weekend the ages are disproportionately between 18 and 25, male and they ain’t driving beemers.

    My own granda, God rest him, swore that the day he saw a nun with glasses driving a black Morris Minor with Donegal plates was the day he would quit driving as these factors combined were to him the acme of the worst driver imaginable. It just goes to show how much Ireland has changed in the last three decades.

  • Fraggle

    The last major crash in Inishowen involved a car full of people from eastern europe. Either it’s something in the Inishowen water or something about the Inishowen roads.

  • Paul

    Gaybo is not being controversial, he is just stating the bleedin’ obvious. Young male drivers are the problem and no “class warrior” bullshit about beemers can change the facts. There is a culture among young men that celebrates dangerous driving, it seems to be especially prevalent in the border areas. Harry Flashman is right, check the Irish papers on Monday morning, young men drivers, early morning crashes, “no other vehicle involved”, and no I am not psychic.

  • Brian Boru

    I don’t agree. The problem isn’t so much Donegal drivers as some drivers from the North who see the border as a way of getting away with speeding by fleeing across the border to get away from the Gardai and indeed the PSNI.

  • El Macho

    Gaybo is way past his “sell by” date and appointing him to that post is a sick joke. Anyone who saw the Late Late Show with Annie Murphy around fifteen years ago has seen the absolute nadir in Irish broadcasting. She was a brave young woman who had struggled hard to rear her – and the Bishop of Galway’s – son for 19 years and finally wrote a book about it. Gaybo had packed the audience (=jury) with some of the most hateful people that ever came out of Kerry and allowed the woman to be subjected to a torrent of abuse and innuendo. She gained my admiration for the way whe held her own. Gaybo’s final comment about her son, “if he’s half the man his father was …”, tells us more about himself than anything else. Gaybo was OK as a smarmy talk show host, but does anyone other than the idiots in our Government believe he will be able to do anything about the many factors contributing to the carnage on our roads? Does he even drive, and what is his own record?