Washington to move on Garland extradition?

Via Newshound there’s a [slight] hint of a possible development in the case of the on-the-run Irish Worker’s Party president Sean Garland. The Financial Times’ man in Washington, Demetri Sevastopuloin, reports “A State Department official told the Financial Times that Washington planned to formally ask Ireland to extradite Mr Garland, although the official declined to comment on the timing. The US attorney for Washington DC and Justice Department declined to comment.” The FT also managed to get a rare quote from the Taoiseach on the issue of Garland’s extradition during his St Patrick’s Day visit.

Speaking outside the White House during a visit to Washington on St Patrick’s Day, Bertie Ahern, the Irish prime minister, said he had not discussed the case with George W. Bush, US president. Mr Ahern added that he would not become involved in the case, saying it was a matter for the Irish courts.

“We follow international obligations in cases, but it’s the courts that make decisions,” Mr Ahern said.