Circle not squared

The DUP have decided to hold back from direct engagement with loyalist paramilitaries opting to keep working with Loyalist Commission chair, Reverend Mervyn Gibson.It would appear the difficulty of direct engagement with Loyalists could not be squared with refusing to directly engage with republicans with the party insider restating the position that the party:

“…has no wish to legitimise anyone engaged in terror and criminality.”

Even though the most concerted attempts to transform Loyalist paramilitaries seem to be underway the DUP remains sceptical:

“If we thought that by talking to these loyalist groups, we could be of use in getting them to wind up, then that would be something for us to grapple with. However, the DUP is not convinced we are at that point…”

Perhaps they are wary considering the UUP’s years of engagement with mixed results.

  • aquifer

    Perhaps they don’t want to remind the electorate of their own heyday strutting about in paramilitary berets. Does this mean they will ever turn proddie paramilitaries away if they stage another monster demonstration or blockade? Never Never Never

  • Yokel

    Maybe omeone somewhere has realised its just hypocriical and frankly wrong, these paramilitaries don’t need hand holding they know what they have to do.

    Morelikely are two scenarios:

    1. As previously posted the paramiltaries don’t like the DUP

    2. The DUP’s voters don’t like it

  • Stephen Copeland

    Equally likely is that they are trying to reduce their hypocrisy quotient.

    On the other hand, it may be a veiled signal to the governments that they are not about to relax their position with regard to talking to Sinn Féin any time soon.

  • Yokel

    Aye now you may be right there ..put it another way, there is absolutely no benefit to them to doing this, none and rightly so. Whats the point in giving the paramiltaries any more poliical cover. Whe it really comes down to it theyve neee held strong electoral support as evidenced by their own political fronts, a fring with guns is still a fringe.

  • jj

    then again yokel electoral support doesn’t mean anything in the dup church either sinn fein have it in buckets