Strangely cyclical nature of NI politics?

Great, Glenn Patterson is one of the first Northern Irish bloggers at the new Guardian blog site, Comment is Free (you can click the new advert on side). He suggests that with the proposed abolition of the NIHE, it looks like we travelled a long way to get back to the beginning. Even if that’s not the case. Check out our review of Glenn’s piece in the latest edition of Irish Pages. I can still recall the smell of sixties Porter in his novel The International


  • Rory

    Takes me back too, Mick. I remember young Peter Ward and the horror of his murder only too well and I(mis)spent many an afternoon and evening in the International.

    The 30 years of killing that followed began with the murder of Peter Ward, a young barman at the International who had gone, as on occasions before, to a Shankill Road pub for afters, as was the custom among barworkers in Belfast, to go from friendly pub to friendly pub after their shift was up. Barmen were outside of sectarian considerations and were sacrosanct.

    It was like Belfast’s Glencoe in a sense. A breach of honour, of the rules of hospitality which all till then had observed.

  • topdeckomnibus

    Cyclical cannot be all bad if it means questions get asked that should have arisen first time round.

    One that I have alluded to, if I put it in Musashi form taking names to personify groups, reduces to this

    How did Airey Neave know not to take the Garland Plan entirely seriously ?

    I also see a possible cyclical aspect from what Martin has written.

    In the context of infra red triggering devices and a Kevin Fulton, he wrote this is called “Running with the prey”

    Round and round

    His opposition seem to have been preying with his run ?