Captain, what Captain?

It’s not long since Rugby Union finally swallowed its pride and followed its sporting twin Rugby League to become a professional code. But, Matthew Engel argues, with that professionalism has come the downgrading of the status of the Captain now that real power (on and off the pitch) is moving in inexorably towards the coach. Indeed he goes further saying that all English code team games are rapidly following the American style ‘machine’ model. And the captain is rapidly becoming a mere chattel of the coach.


  • soleil rouge

    I think the relevance of the captaincy died the day Brian O’Driscoll wnet into Tony & Guy and asked for highlights. If we win today he has asked not be carried39 off shoulder high for fear of wind damage to the roots.

  • Mick Fealty


  • Ivor Dewdney

    I missed this over the weekend, but Rugby League is most certainly not the sporting twin of “kick and clap”. Sporting superior, perhaps, despite almost a century of persecution, both in England and France.