Be afraid, be very afraid?

You can learn a lot from written answers in the Lords where Ulster Unionist Lord Laird is a regular interrogator of government ministers. He has uncovered how many less than sprightly drivers there are in Northern Ireland. Now, I’m not too far from being able to get cheaper insurance from Saga myself and don’t therefore believe in ageism but the answer may make you a little queasy when you next take the wheel. There are: 20,603 licenced drivers aged 76 to 80; 15,893 aged 81 to 85; 3,139 aged 86 to 90; 504 aged 91 to 95; 38 aged 96 to 100; and just 2 aged 101 or over. I just hope that John next asks where these last two live because I just would love the Minister, Jeff Rooker, to be able to say that “we know where you live.”

Slugger’s new Westminster Correspondent