Supporters and enemies of the Colonel alike will be delighted to note that my good friend Copernicus and colleagues from Fústar have dedicated an excellent set of dispatches recording his daily manoeuvres (and I mean that it the French as well as the military sense).

  • Naoise you should come and write for “shitty first draft” where spelling doesn’t matter 😉

    “my good friend Copernicus and colleages”

  • Naoise Nunn

    As Chris de Burgh might croak: “I’ve been missing u more than words can say…”!

  • Thanks for the plug Naoise, though it’s ‘colleague’ rather than ‘colleagues’ from Fústar, for it is merely me, myself, and I on that there blog. You made me come over all schizophrenic describing me in the plural!

    The third contributor is the well-known EWI from Freestater.

    Between us we’ll keep tabs on the Colonel, and read so others don’t have to…

  • To stick with the shitty first draft meme, Naoise will appreciate that Fústar should have used the word “among” instead of “between” for we are three not two. I know certain people who would come over all faint at such a violation of shtyle.

  • I’ll violate your shtyle in a minute…

  • who the F’*^K is Kevin Myers? What part of “Norn Iron” is he from? 😉

  • Naoise Nunn

    Enough of your pedantry, cYbEz – if that is your real name 😉

  • The Dubliner

    Funny site – even if the joke wears thin after a few entries. Now, a Blog about the fictional adventures of MI6 stooges in Irish media and politics…there’s an idea.