Leaking, whistleblowing or spying?

There’s a storm brewing in Derry over alleged leaks to the SDLP, according to the front page of today’s Derry News:

An investigation has been launched after confidential documents submitted to local council were leaked to the SDLP. The probe began after an extract from a funding application was published in a SDLP position paper. The application was rejected and appeared….. as an example of alternative policing. Derry City Council confirmed yesterday that an extract of the supposedly confidential funding application appeared in the SDLP publication. “This is of grave concern to the CSP and investigation are underway to try to ascertain how this information came into the possession of the SDLP” said a spokesperson, who also denied the leak came from the CSP Administration. Defending his party’s actions local SDLP MLA said the document was “passed on by a concerned citizen”.