Leaking, whistleblowing or spying?

There’s a storm brewing in Derry over alleged leaks to the SDLP, according to the front page of today’s Derry News:

An investigation has been launched after confidential documents submitted to local council were leaked to the SDLP. The probe began after an extract from a funding application was published in a SDLP position paper. The application was rejected and appeared….. as an example of alternative policing. Derry City Council confirmed yesterday that an extract of the supposedly confidential funding application appeared in the SDLP publication. “This is of grave concern to the CSP and investigation are underway to try to ascertain how this information came into the possession of the SDLP” said a spokesperson, who also denied the leak came from the CSP Administration. Defending his party’s actions local SDLP MLA said the document was “passed on by a concerned citizen”.

  • pol

    Defending his party’s actions local SDLP MLA said the document was “passed on by a concerned citizen”.

    So that’s all right then.

  • DK

    Mick – I’m having trouble understanding this article.

    Can you provide a link to the SDLP paper that quotes the document?

  • JD

    This inquiry is focusing on whether the SDLP representative on the Derry City Council CSP was collating and compiling confidential information on communtiy groups that could be later used for political purposes. The end product of this intelligence gathering operation was the publicly launched SDLP position paper on Community Restorative Justice. In other words, was there a spy ring operating at the heart of Derry City Council?

  • J Kelly

    DK i have tried to find a link to the document myself but its not published on their website but I have read the hard copy and its called Consultation On Community Resrorative Justice SDLP Position. It not be published now i wouldn’t imagine. It was launched a few weeks back by Durkan and McDonnell.

    The story seems to be that a community group made a application to the Derry CSP for funding and the SDLP were able to quote directly from the application. The council have confirmed that the document was sonfidential and only to be used for the purposes of the application process. An SDLP councillor who is a member of the CSP sat on the panel judging the applications.

    The question is if this confidential process was breached for party political purposes is this spying or leaking? I have no doubt that if this was a Sinn Fein councillor we would have all sorts of allegations and spin on it. At the very least the SDLP should tell the truth in this instance not for one minute does anyone believe that a “concerned citizen” handed them the document.