Dáil Unanimous on Finucane Inquiry Motion

Below is the full text of the all party Dáil Motion supporting a full public inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane, which was carried unanimously by the House tonight. The 20-odd minutes of the debate available here.

Update: In his contribution, Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin refers to an NIO statement which criticises the motion but interestingly there’s no reference to it that I can find on the NIO website.
Recalling the brutal murder of solicitor, Patrick Finucane at his home in Belfast on 12 February 1989;

Noting the on-going allegations of collusion between loyalist paramilitaries and British security forces in the murder of Mr Finucane;

Recalling the commitments made at the Weston Park talks in July 2001 by the British Government to hold a public inquiry into the Finucane case, if so recommended by the Honourable Judge Peter Cory, it being clearly understood that such an inquiry would be held under the UK Tribunals of Inquiry (Evidence) Act, 1921;

Noting that Judge Cory found sufficient evidence of collusion to warrant a public inquiry into the case and recommended that such an inquiry take place without delay;

Recalling that in his conclusions, Judge Cory set out the necessity and importance of a public inquiry into this case and that the failure to hold a public inquiry as quickly as reasonably possible could be seen as a denial of the agreement at Weston Park;

Noting that the limited form of inquiry under the UK Inquiries Act 2005, proposed by the British Government has been rejected as inadequate by Judge Cory, the Finucane family, the Government and human rights groups;

1) Commends the Finucane family for their courageous campaign to seek the truth in this case of collusion;

2) Deeply regrets the British Government’s failure to honour its commitment to implement Judge Cory’s recommendation in full;

3) Welcomes the sustained support of successive Governments and all parties for the Finucane family over the past decade in their efforts to find the truth behind the murder;

4) Acknowledges the work of the Oireachtas Sub-Committee on Human Rights in highlighting this case;

5) Welcomes the Taoiseach’s commitment and efforts in pursuing the case with the British Prime Minister Tony Blair;

6) Endorses the Government’s international efforts at highlighting the case in the US, at the United Nations and at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg,

7) Calls on the British Government to reconsider its position on the Finucane case to take full account of the family’s objections and amend the UK Inquiries Act 2005;

8) Calls for the immediate establishment of a full, independent, public judicial inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane, as recommended by Judge Cory, which would enjoy the full co-operation of the family and the wider community throughout Ireland and abroad.