Ballymurphy feud escalating?

There appears to be no sign of an easing of tension in the ongoing feud in Ballymurphy, noted here previously, and which has already seen one murder – one of those charged with the murder was released on bail, and reported at the time, one of the conditions of bail was that he would live at an undisclosed address in London. The latest arson attack was on a house owned by that individual, Christopher Notorantonio, according to the Belfast Telegraph report, and following that attack he made accusations of IRA involvement in the arson attacks, something that is denied by the SF MLA for the area, Michael Ferguson. There has been one arrest, so far, in connection to the arson attack, that of a 14 year-old. However, there are now suggestions in reports of the shooting of an 18 year old in a drive-by attack last night that the shooting is also linked to the feud.