Derry boxer sets NYC on fire?

John Francis Duddy is a Derry man making serious waves in New York. He’s already won over the Irish American fight fans after some sceptical early responses. Next on the list is the Puerto Ricans. And his trainer has some unconventional methods:

Duddy is likeable, gracious and charming. He has a thick Irish brogue, matinee-idol good looks and a sense of humour. ‘My trainer, Harry Keitt, has some different training methods,’ he noted recently. ‘One of the things we do is hit a lorry tyre with a sledgehammer for 20 minutes at the end of each training session. Boxers like Jack Dempsey and Muhammad Ali used to chop wood in their training camps. But if you start cutting down trees in New York City, they’re going to put you in jail.’


  • Did you see this one from the New York Times from last April?

  • Comrade Stalin

    I don’t mean to be a tree-hugging killjoy but shouldn’t we be above paying to watch two grown men beating the bejaysus out of each other for money ?

  • Pete Baker

    Well I’m not paying anything, Comrade.. I was hoping they’d show the fight on the Beeb 😉

  • Yokel

    He’ll do the rounds but won’t go on to any title of substance in the world at all..ever. It is possible that he may progress to a world title shot but even then I’m not sure he’ll get that far. From that point of view the guy will be a loser and this island needs more winners..more Johnny Logans

  • fair_deal


    “I’m not paying anything…I was hoping they’d show the fight on the Beeb”

    I am shocked and stunned I never had you down as a licence dodger 😉

  • Pete Baker

    Of course what I meant to say, fair deal, was that I’m not paying anything extra *ahem* 😉