Tribunal into allegations of garda� collusion begins in Dublin

While the wrangling over the terms of the inquiries recommended by retired Canadian Judge, Peter Cory, continues here, another of his recommended inquiries opened in Dublin today as a tribunal began into the murders of Chief Superintendent Harry Breen and Superintendent Robert Buchanan, ambushed and killed by members of the Provisional IRA as they returned north after an informal meeting with senior garda� in Dundalk on 20 March, 1989. As the RT� report notes, “The tribunal is investigating the possibility that a member of the garda� informed the IRA of the route the men had planned to take on that day back in 1989.”


  • Why all this coyness about what the inquiry involves?

    The person in its spotlight is former Garda Det. Sergeant Eoin Corrigan.

    The Brits claim that he deliberately had Harry Breen and Bob Buchanan targeted because of Breen’s involvement in the Loughgall cull. Actually, the furore over the Louth Blogger a year ago last Christmas, centered on who Corrigan is, and what he has done.

    Corrigan has denied any involvement in their killings.

    In fact, it seems that the Brits are out to get him because he not only tried to get to the bottom of the conspiracy – yes, I mean conspiracy, Intelligence Insider, despite all my consumption of Carlsberg – which mistakenly assassinated Seamus Ludlow in 1976, and his handing over of ‘Mad Dog’ McGlinchey in 1988 – what Captain Simon Hayward, it seems, had shot up South Armagh during the emergency in the fall of 1982 to attempt to achieve – what resulted in the so-called Shoot-to-Kill murders.

    The inquiry should be the only real exposé of what the various killers – public and private, and on each side of the border – were trying to achieve.

  • ingrammartin


    I would like to point out that this inquiry is NOT SOLEY INTO THE MURDER BUT WILL CRUCIALLY DEAL WITH ALL AGENCIES OF THE STATE WHO COLLUDED WITH EITHER BRITS OR PARA MILITARIES. The terms of reference for this inquiry are wide ranging and the good judge is going to have is work cut out with this one.

    It should be very interesting.


  • Hey, ‘Martin’, is it you who has a mole in my computer?

    I must say that it doesn’t look like Scap. It looks more like a German WWI potato-smasher.

  • ingrammartin


    Sorry mate drop your address and I will fix it for you.

  • And how about you explaining your relationship with Frank Hegarty on the thread about your blog?

  • ingrammartin

    we were luuuuuuuvers

  • Well, that’s okay now, but what did Lt. Col. Kerr, ‘Mags’, and the FRU think about it all back then?

    Of course, that was before you got married, but it would be interesting to know what your wife, ‘Sands’ is it?, thinks about it all now.

  • elfinto


    Trow. Why would the Brits want to stitch up Corrigan for handing over McGlinchey?

  • Elfinto, it just added insult to injury.

    The Brits could have gotten McGlinchey legally without murdering all those unarmed volunteers in the process.

    But the injury was Corrigan going after them for their mistakenly murdering Ludlow – what is the biggest sticking point of all the collusion murders. The Ludlow murder even has Dublin unwilling to go after Britain in the other assassinations because it shows that it was covertly assisting the British death squads.

  • ingrammartin


    Its OK she swings both ways.

  • elfinto


    So you don’t buy the theory that Ludlow was just a hitcher who was unfortunate enough to have been picked up by a loyalist hit-squad?

  • Of course not, Elfinto. If that were the case, Northern Ireland’s DPP would have let them be prosecuted.

    As it is, they would have apparently claimed that they were just scapegoats, decoys in the area, for what the SAS, apparently led by Sergeant Major Mike Norman – who committed suicide over it last year in England – was attempting against lookalike Daithi O Conaill, now a leader of RSF.

    The whole place goes up in smoke, in short, if Ludlow’s murder is fully investigated.

  • Brian Boru

    “The person in its spotlight is former Garda Det. Sergeant Eoin Corrigan.”

    We only know that because of the questionable use of parliamentary-privilege by Unionist MPs (Paisley?). By all means let the inquiry get under way but could Unionist MPs kindly stop the Star-Chamber approach of labelling people as murderers on the basis of rumour and as a result endangering the lives of possibly innocent people and their innocent families possibly including children?

    The case against Gardai or a Garda is not as convincing as in other cases of alleged collusion. I understand that Judge Cory said that evidence “if accepted” would justify an inquiry. He doesn’t sound too sure if it’s necessary.

  • Brian Boru

    OK seems I was wrong about my guess at who made the allegations against Garda Corrigan in the Commons. It was Jeffrey Donaldson.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    If nothing else we will have an indication of the yardstick of intelligence that Donaldson ‘lied’ about.
    Either Donaldson simply lied or he was acting on information leaked to him from ‘security services’. Given the fuss made by unionists over leaked information they will have no complaints if Donaldson is arrested and questioed over his sources.

  • Having such a yardstick is no small accomplishment, and if Jeffrey Donaldson is even questioned – much less arrested for his cowardly use of parliamentary privilege – I shall happily jump through any eye of a needle you propose.

  • Mike

    Trowbridge –

    “was attempting against lookalike Daithi O Conaill, now a leader of RSF.”

    Actually, O Conaill is now a corpse, having died 15 years ago.

    “Having such a yardstick is no small accomplishment, and if Jeffrey Donaldson is even questioned – much less arrested for his cowardly use of parliamentary privilege – ”

    Arrested for use of parliamentary privilege? I would suggest anyone proposing this read up a little bit on parliamentary democracy.

    Posted by Mike

  • I stand corrected on Daithi O Conaill. Thought the one connected with RSF was he, but it must be his son.

    You, ‘Martin Ingram’, still need to improve your reading skills as I said that any arrest of Donaldson for what he said in the Commons is impossible.

    Still waiting for a reply regarding your dealings with Frank Hegarty during Feb-March 1986 on another thread.

    And how about something regarding how you conspired on March 1 in London with ‘Kevin Fulton’, David Shayler and his girlfriend to highjack the inquiry into the murders of Breen and Buchanan at Eoin Corrigan’s expense?

  • ingrammartin


    That last post was not by me but Mike.

    As for the inquiry. The inquiry is into ” Collusion” If I was you I would get your seats early because this one is going to get hot and sticky.

    This inquiry is outside the terms of the inquiries act and will be able to examine the relationship between Agents of the state and Irish Govt bodies.

    Like I said before be patient and all will unfold.


  • Thanks, ‘Martin’, but I suggest that viewers start doing their homework first, like checking closely the photograph of you, ‘Keven Fulton’, David Shayler and his girlfriend on first – wondering if ‘Fulton’ is just there to help fill in Shayler about what went on in N. I. when Breen and Buchanan were killed, nearly three years before Shayler joined MI5. For the lowdown on the security services’ chief disinformer, read his interview in Issue Two of Eye Spy! magazine.

    You guys, in short, are apparently cooking up stories to get the honest Garda Det. Sergeant Eoin Corrigan for British military intelligence and SAS failures.

  • Martin Ingram Aka Ian Hurst is a liar.[Soldier of Fortune.Mercenary.Only interested in making money.He is a con-man who will sell his lies to anyone who will pay for them ]
    The person who calls himself Martin ingram but is in fact ex Int Corps SSgt Ian Hurst (known as rocky) is a liar of the highest order. His book STEAKNIFE is almost complete fiction, as are his assertions that Martin McGUINNESS was an agent of the state. He is dementedly lying completely about his past service in FRU. He only ever served in sleepy backwaters of the Province and never came face to face with anyone except low level eyes and ears agents. He never ran STEAKNIFE or even met him. In short, his book is a complete fabrication based on god knows what. He endangers the lives of serving and former soldiers as well as civilians with his ridiculous fairy tales. Hopefully he will appear in court at some of the current inquiries and investigations so he can be shown to be the liar he really is.

    This message comes from

  • antiingram

    Speak up rocky, cant hear you? Stop hiding behind martin.

  • Mick/Pete,

    This thread contains some of the most paranoid drivel I have ever seen by one or two complete and utter fantasists…

    To think that Doctor Who and myself got reprimanded for our discussion re Sanchez yesterday when this lot are able to peddle tis nonsense….