Tight game at Landsdowne…

Eight – Five. Ulsterman Andrew Trimble has just opened up the Welsh defence to allow Ireland to camp on the Welsh try line. Wallace has put Irish noses in front, though O’Gara missed the conversion. Still too many unforced errors from the Irish. Looks like a tight game to the end.

  • Mick Fealty

    11-5 – Penalty from O’Gara. Looking a bit more exciting up front. Backs still not quite clicking.

  • Apologies Mick – I sent a trackback to this post by mistake.

  • Henry94

    Are people losing interest in rugby? I don’t sense much excitement about this years six-nations.

  • Mick Fealty

    The Irish have not shown the real extent of its talent – too much thinking, not enough action.

    I think many of us are still gutted as to how last season turned out.

    We were poor for the first segment of the game (as usual). But today it was the Welsh team who really didn’t turn up for the second half.

  • Henry94

    Wales were in a poor situation coming in. Then to lose Jones made their job impossible. It’s unusual to be half-way through the six nations and still have no idea how good the team is. We’ll find out in Murryfield.

  • We’ll find out in Murryfield.

    We’re playing Scotland at Lansdowne Road. And given that the Scots have seen off both France and England at home, I’m glad of that. :o)

    An improved performance by Ireland yesterday. There were fewer mistakes (still too many handling errors and needless turnovers, tho’), and the defence was a lot better.

    Scotland are much improved this season, but I still think we’ll beat them on Saturday week.

    Gerry O’Sullivan