O2 drops roaming charges….

Damien has some news. O2 it seems has dropped roaming charges! That’s good news for anyone living in the border areas (my T-Mobile phone slipped into Meteor just above Eglantine!) and those of who do frequent business or have family and friends on both sides. And as Damien suggests it’s especially good for Donegal! If I know the Mobile industry, then the others won’t be long behind!

  • Cahal

    Eglantine – Eglinton?

  • Stephen Copeland


    Your enthusiasm for your fellow-bloggers appears to blind you to the fact that that story was in the ‘mainstream’ media long before you ‘blogged’ it. Why not link to, for instance, UTV, who covered it at 11.50, or even the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, who ‘press-released’ it at 11.44?

    Blogging ain’t the only source of news, you know. Even Damien acknowledges that he got the story from RTE, so why not link directly to the horses mouth?

  • eranu

    good news indeed. anyone know what the difference in call charges is for vodafone at the min, going south to north? cant seem to find any info..

  • Mick Fealty


    Thanks for that. It seems a strange observation since most of the links out of Slugger are to MSM sites. UTV gets a fair proportion of them too – and rightly so!

    That said, there were some fairly straightforward reasons:

    – I read it there first, and as you say Damien has a link to the RTE report.

    – It’s an authentic view of the problem from some one not likely to be heard in the MSM reporting

    – It’s also written knowledgeably and from a Donegal perspective.

    – And I liked the report of Donegal Councillors getting “Welcome to the UK” messages in council session.

  • The Fink

    Ah yes we are on the road to a united Ireland.

  • smcgiff

    ‘Ah yes we are on the road to a united Ireland.’

    Damn it, TF. Beat me to it! :¬)

  • Pete Baker

    Hmm.. smcgiff/fink

    Then the fact they’ve abolished roaming charges across the whole UK and Ireland area, at least for business customers, is even more interesting. 😉

  • Mick Fealty


    Are you looking for a blogging post with Slugger? If so, apply within.

  • soghluaite

    Ireland is not as united yet as one would assume! O2is very strong in the South, but Orange is far more popular in the North, and Vodaphone rules the Scottish Highlands!

  • smcgiff

    As I said before Pete, most nationalists are not ambitious enough. First NI, then Scotland, Wales and finally England! :¬)

  • smcgiff

    ‘but Orange is far more popular in the North’

    How original! *rolls eyes*

  • Mick Fealty


    To my knowledge, all of those assertions are largely true. Though, you can now see why Orange were so miffed over the awarding of the third licence in the Republic. When we see roaming allowed between operators inside each polity, we will have made some real progress!

    There’s no point in being on T-Mobile in the Highlands for instance when you can only get a Vodafone signal!!

  • Keith M

    “Ah yes we are on the road to a united Ireland.”

    02 are also dropping roaming cost between the Republic and mainland UK for business customers (rumour has it that Vodaphone are going to do the same for all customers by year end). Therefore based on the logic above, we are on the road back into the United Kingdom!

  • smcgiff


    Pete beat you to it with his 4:38.

  • smcgiff

    ‘To my knowledge, all of those assertions are largely true.’

    Do you think I’d let a little thing like fact get in the way of a joke!

  • qubol

    Interesting that o2 choose the day when EU commissioner Viviane Reding announced she had enough of european cellco’s and their inaction over capping roaming charges for EU citizens. Have the flood gates opened? now that o2 has done this, customers across europe can rightly ask why roaming to other o2 networks are so expensive. when i contacted o2 and asked them they gave some rubbish excuse about the company’s in each country being completely seperate even they they all operate as part of the o2 group. Whats the point of being part of a larger group when you rcustomers can’t utilise it – cellco’s should see this as an opportunity to increase traffic between national networks.

  • Ciarán Irvine

    Great news for me!

    I know at the minute they charge me 25c for every text message I send when I’m in Derry. When I’m in Galway I get 100 free a month and the others cost a couple of cent.

    So texting when at home can quickly add up to real money, especially at times like Christmas…

    I try not to use the mobile for calls when in Derry cos I was aware it would cost me a fortune!

  • PR Bull! NOT abolished. It’s spin. Pre-paid customers still get screwed over with a special “flat rate” charge.

    More here:


  • MikeH

    While this is great news for those of us in the South who are O2 customers (and regularly visit NI), it doesn’t work the other way around in that O2 UK customers don’t have a similar offer for when roaming (intentionally or otherwise) in ROI…

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Correct, I’ve just checked.

    It only works for southern customers travelling north.

    Northern Irish customers still face the roaming charge. It’s a bit of a spin story.

  • Monaghan Brian

    Only for the South!

    From Ireland.com report this evening;

    “Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern, who has raised the need for an all-island telecommunications market with British officials and backed calls for other operators to end roaming charges, said: “As it stands only Southern companies and mobile phone users stand to benefit from these moves.

    “It is imperative now that O2 UK move now to replicate the move by O2 Ireland, and that other Northern telecom operators follow suit.”

  • Brian,

    Has it right. This move should be followed up swiftly with wider commercial reciprocation.

    Telecommunications is in for a massive change in the next few years. Online phone services like Skype and Google Talk are much higher quality and bring the cost of international phoning down to local quality.

    Mobile operators will have flatten their ludicrously high charges for roaming (often on foreign networks they own lock, stock and barrel).

  • páid


    to Ciarán Irvine: if you stand on the walls above the Fountain you can pick up southern VF signal and save money.

    i suspect that the EC intervention to reduce roaming charges europe-wide is part of a new ‘make europe relevant to the citizens before getting to vote again on the treaty’ agenda

    All ireland mobile roaming has got a Hain/Dermot Ahern slant imho. Before Hain, all this pressure was from the south. Expect to see more ‘practical’ all-ireland measures (with no tangible loss to unionists) as we see the implication of de facto but pointedly not de jure joint authority of NI.

  • The Fink


    You get my award for the best researched post. I can’t believe you actually went and contacted 02. Fair duce mate/cairde

    The Fink of Finksville.

  • The Fink

    Do I hear in the distance cries of “Play the man not the ball” or is it ” Play the ball not the man” or somzmething liks this <-- pronounce with a German accent.The Fink off his Ceann !