Two charged with killing…

It seems that two men have been charged with the killing of Gerard Devlin. The PSNI is actively investigating a possible connection between Devlin’s killing and the arsonist campaign in Ballymurphy.

  • coffin

    Why the fixation with this murder Mick? Because it happened in a Republican area? Slugger’s doesn’t ever give this level of coverage to murders in other areas.

    Does it have a political dimension I’m unaware of or is Slugger’s just hoping it does?

  • Mick Fealty

    I have no idea at this stage. My suspicion is that it is considerably less political than it first appears.

    My own interest was piqued when it involved the family of one of the few named people interviewed on Newsnight less than a week ago.

    Since some of our readers were asking why the PSNI had not arrested the men responsible, it seemed useful to pick up on this report first thing this morning.

  • coffin


    Well now we see the font of wisdom on CRJ in West Belfast as presented by Newsnight has been charged along with his son, who he defended on the programme, with murder.

    Some how I doubt Newsnight will be clarifying just how plausible their expert really was.

    Is this the quality of individual testimony that the IMC mentioned in their report? People that don’t want anybody investigating crime due to their involvement smearing CRJ?

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    In there anxiety to get the boot into CRJ both Newsnight and the Sunday Tribune were seemingly sold a pup that has turned out to be a very nasty rottweiler.

    It is at times like this that you understand why newspaper reporters increasingly take refuge behind anonymous ‘sources’.

  • UMR

    I rather think the burning of homes, cars and shops in the wake of the murder – which all sides have said was where this was headed and why they sought help from a variety of agencies – only underlines the points made in the reports, not contradicts them.

  • Mick Fealty


    Would you mind doing something about that email address? It is sending out a very peculiar signal, especially since neither the name or the mock address are your usual handles on Slugger.

  • WestBelfastBoy

    Well I don’t know [removed – for legal reasons]

  • Paul Rea

    seems the reason for the interest is the background to the story. One family has been accusing CRJ of manipulating the issue, Sinn Fein have been busy trying to solve it in one way or another, it raises the question of policing – if CRJ were unable to solve it and the PSNI unwilling to solve it, where does the policng debate go? It needs discussed

  • Paul Rea

    Pat, I don’t like anonymous sources. But I think they help keep us better informed than we would be without having them. If you think of all those corporations that would screw us into the ground if it was not for some whistleblower. I always thimk of Deep Throat.

  • Paul Rea

    As for somebody and their son being charged have we learned nothing from court cases here? How many were charged over Stormont? Were any of them guilty? The talk is that the charges are of a holding nature. It wouldn’t be the first time in this society. Republicans will hardly draw conclusions of guilt from the mere appearance in court of people.