Why is the IRA still NI’s main political focus?

Mark Devenport asks why all the political attention remains on the IRA, when it remains by far the most consistent and ‘well behaved’ of all the local paramilitaries. He comes up with two answers. Firstly, Sinn Fein’s political success has demanded much higher levels of public scrutiny for itself and its sister organisation. And secondly, the IRA’s own refusal to submit to a very limited amount of transparency demanded of it by its political opponents in the DUP around its decommissioning last September.

  • Pete Baker

    He also makes a very good point about the government –

    “handing out the unexpected [IICD] report to journalists, along with the weightier IMC tome, only pointed up the apparent conflict between the two commissions.”

    And on the lack of transparency and addiction to spin –

    “The current downturn in the political process is also tied to the history of secrecy and double speak surrounding republican initiatives and the continuing attachment to spin by government ministers.”


    Sorry to introduce a total non sequiter, but I hear that Spotlight is scheduled to do a special on Denis Donaldson tomorrow night.

    Does anyone know if he cooperated with the programme?