Paisley: Executive buried in a Sadducee’s grave

Ian Paisley goes on the offensive over the IRA. Firstly he suggests that John de Chastellaine was ‘misinformed’ as to the extent of IRA weaponry, and goes on to demand that the IRA must be packed away for good before his party will deal with Sinn Fein. As for an inclusive Executive: “It is buried in a Sadducee’s grave… from which there is no resurrection”, as the Irish News has it (subs needed). Then he accuses Tony Blair of encouraging IRA criminality by his government’s offer to restore expenses to Sinn Fein, in the wake of the latest IMC report.

  • Suzanne(sudie)Elsoffer

    The Rev Ian Paisley!!!! Time for this man to move on. His views are from the dark ages. What does this old man want? They wanted decomissioning and they got it and now that is not enough. They ran a no campaign, do they ever see anything positive? NO!!! Too busy trying to veto the nationalist community. Too busy trying to bring an end to the nationalist party in the Six.

    He is wrong!! Wrong!!Wrong!!

    Time to move on Mr Paisley!! The croppies are off their knees!!

  • Time for the Governments to legalise the IRA as an organisation… no more excuses…

  • martin ingram


    Start looking at the big picture not just one dimensional Republican one. Dr Paisley has the mandate from the people to be firm with the IRA / Sinn Fein and that is what he will do. The Unionists ( DUP& UUP) have learnt the “Trimble” lesson and they will not be bullied by either or both Govts into a marriage of conveinance.

    Just another Year.


    PS. Your naive outlook is in keeping with an Irish American outlook is that correct?

  • Betty Boo

    “The Sadducees are said to have insisted on the literal execution of the law of retaliation: “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth”

    And from Mr. Paisley’s speech” The rage of Maginnes and Adams shows that the DUP hit the bull’s eye…”
    And now the cattle will be running around half blind as well. This might cause some stir with farmers.

  • JD

    Daily Ireland Editorial,

    …”Daily Ireland does not underestimate the task of bringing into the 21st century a man who considers line dancing immoral and believes this planet was created 6000 years ago but that is the task facing Messrs Blair and Ahern”…

    Says it all for me.

  • It amuses me to hear these DUP’ers try to out-do each other on who can condemn the most, or pour scorn on republicans or shout the loudest.
    Each to luder cheers. They are drunk with the power they think they hold.
    Their weekend conference script reads like Caligula’s rants.
    Sabre-rattling, of course not a positive word or proposal about their perceived future or the future of the 6 counties.
    For insanity look no further.

  • Jo

    It started with none-too-subtle attacks on Fr Reid’s integrity, which unfortunately the man’s un-related gaff did little to withstand.

    Then we see innuendo about the General. Obviously he’s a Provo in uniform and with a Canadian accent. Is there no end to the slander and innuendo that some jailbird politicians can get away with?

    BTW whatever happened to Mr Berry?

    Was he polled as to his views on power-sharing with the SDLP or just poled (sic)?

  • Conor


    whether susan is American Irish or not, she is hitting the nail on the head. Paisley and his cohorts are holding the whole process up and have been for how long now? The DUP called for IRA decommisioning, what did they get? Decommisioning. Now its not good enough. Just what is it they’re looking for now? I’ve a suggestion, since we’re to ‘Start looking at the big picture not just one dimensional Republican one’. how about we see the loyalist paramilitary groups giving up their guns eh?

  • Shore Road Resident

    I suspect it might be more accurate to say that Susan has hit her head on a nail.

  • Oilbhéar Chromaill

    The Raidio na Gaeltachta correspondent described Paisley as ‘a cainteoir an bhrea’ – meaning a great orator.
    And I see he’s impressed again with his inimitable choice of words – the last time he was speaking about Brian Cowen’s lips – a racial slur was implied – now he’s talking about President McAleese and claiming she’s dishonest because she won’t use a PSNI police station to change her car.

    Given that the PSNI is riddled with convicted road offenders – as well as colluders with unionist paramilitaries who may well have tried to burn President McAleese and her family out of her home back when Ardoyne came under attack from a unionist mob – she has good reason to distrust the PSNI. As have many people who don’t have as cosy a relationship with the force as Mr Paisley.

    But the thing is, Mr Paisley’s oratory has been possibly the single factor which has exacerbated the current phase of the conflict since his arrival on the scene in 1964. How many people are in graves because someone was listening to Mr Paisley – that’s a question he’ll have to answer, sooner or later.

  • Jo

    Oilbhear, God seems in no hurry, it would appear.

  • elfinto

    Charlie Haughey once described Northern Ireland as a failed entity. It seems that the DUP are going out of their way to prove him right. Just like Turkeys voting for Christmas

  • martin ingram


    Quote”DUP called for IRA decommisioning, what did they get? Decommisioning.” Unquote

    We all know that the IRA have not fully decommissioned. That is what was required.

    We all know the IRA is continuing both North and South to engage in highly sophisticated criminal activities. Granted a large chunk of that is to feather Republicans own personal nests but non the less the remainder will used to hand Sinn Fein a major financial boost prior to the next elections. All the parties know it.The CAB is having a field day with these boys.

    Sinn Fein/ IRA are rocking at the moment with touts all over the place, I hear Derry had one last week. IRA activity is ongoing all over the 32 counties. I understand the IRA have given the Notorantonios in West Belfast a deadline to leave? it is this type of activity which will fuel those who do not want a long term solution to this conflict.

    Republicans have played their cards and they are now at the mercy of the DUP and to some extent the Irish Govt who are going to turn the heat up on Sinn Fein for purely selfish reasons in the coming months. Adams has no more cards to play, he is spectator on the side lines because to even suggest going back to conflict would be the end for both him and Sinn Fein.

    It is upto the IRA to stop its activities because the Intelligence services know every move and twist. Its over Now Conor. Pull up the slippers , enjoy your hot milk in front of the a Turf fire and in a few years time maybe, just maybe a serious attempt at a UI can be mounted but not by these present clown.


    PS. Sudie believes in the tooth fairy.

  • Conor


    when did a ‘united ireland’ come into the argument? your a typical unionist on slugger. the fact you’s bring up a united ireland in nearly every thread just goes to show how fearful you’s are of such a real possibility. anyway, back to the point, why dont you give and take a little eh? i mean, YOU dont know the extent of the decommissioning. who are YOU to say that they havent given up ALL guns? ok, perhaps they havent but come off it, it was a gesture. its not like we’ve seen the UDA move ino such a manner is it? why dont you call for such a move? and why you brought touts into it is beyond me.

  • martin ingram


    Quote”when did a ‘United Ireland’ come into the argument?” Unquote

    Oh, I see Conor you dont expect this process to be resolved in a UI? sorry about that I took it you advocated a UI.

    In that case I am sorry, my argument is and will always be premised upon a UI. I believe a UI should be a goal for all Nationalist including me. I would like to take this opportunity of explaining to you that you would have more chance of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness becoming married in a civil, ceremony in the grounds of I an Paisleys church with Big Ian performing the coming together than me voting for the DUP.

    Quote”YOU dont know the extent of the decommissioning. who are YOU to say that they havent given up ALL guns? ok, perhaps they havent but come off it,” Unquote

    Conor, you see when you promise to do something and you subsequently do not then you must expect to be chastised for that failing. The old days of the IRA promising something like they did to Trimble many times over is finished.

    I wrote and indeed said so on the radio last year that the IRA had not fully decommissioned.I lived breathed the IRA for many years ( 12 Years) seeing the inner sanctum very closely, I know them very well. I did not expect them to do so and said so many times during the decommissioning phase. That said the real point is I am not Dr Paisley and he did expect them to do so and he is the one that counts. Now one may argue with some conviction that he is looking for any excuse for him to delay and prevaricate but Eh by not having the act of decommissioning transparent he was always going to argue this point.It was that obvious but we all know why, do we not. That was a missed opportunity by Republicans. After all no other Army in the world has ever unilatterally decommissioned its arms and still maintained that it was undefeated.Any embarrassment was only going to be time limitted and those few genuine Republicans who follow the real Republican ethos are very, very thin on the ground. The IRA should have allowed Paisley to nominate his own observer and that way his options would not have been what they are today.

    Both Govts are being disingenous here, you know that, I know that and more Importantly the DUP and the Loyalist community know it.

    The IRA leadership needs to ask its British Handlers to if it can come clean and cut to the chase.Slab needs to empty is piggy bank and retire because We are in ENDEX.


  • Jo


    U ever post on Joblog?

  • D’Oracle

    Whats a sadducee do then? Does it hurt?
    How would I know if I’d met one ?