Another house on fire in Ballymurphy…

We’re getting reports that another firebomb attack has taken place in Ballymurphy allegedly connected with the murder of Gerard Devlin. That brings a total of six fire attacks, though it’s not yet clear if this attack is on a new target or simply the gutting of a house already attacked. It has the smack of a very controlled campaign. Daily Ireland has more of an interview with Devlin’s widow, although it contains no mention of the subsquent attacks.

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  • Jambo

    A very controlled campaign by WHO?

  • Mick Fealty

    There is no indication of who or what is behind the attacks. But six in three days? That looks like considerably more than understandable outrage at the gruesome act itself.

  • me

    it this another case of the IRa falling out with each other?

    they do not want to be seen using guns!

  • west belfast resident

    I agree with you Mick. The rumours about this has been over whelming. Rumours that one of the families had to be out by six o’clock on Sunday night, not just one family in one house but all of them to be cleared out. Now today there are rumours that the body will not be brought into Ballymurphy. These rumours are not helpful to the situation but the place is buzzing with them.

    There is also a major rumour that Gerard was led in to the kill zone. Whoever asked these people (Gerard and the other family) to remove themselves from the area) should be condemned. Getting out of the area was never going to be an option.

  • elfinto


    I wondered when someone would blame the Republican Movement for this. It was only a matter of time.

  • west belfast resident

    Is CRJ the republican movement??????

  • Shore Road Resident

    He blamed CRJ. Are you saying that’s synonymous with “the republican movement”?

  • Shore Road Resident

    (Great minds think alike)

  • west belfast resident

    Having said that they were there. The name IRA was used and they were there.

  • WestBelfastBoy

    The fire attacks are being committed by the local PIRA unit. One well known PIRA member (name known) used the PIRA name on one busniess to clear it before setting it on fire.

    Sinn Fein should realise that the public in the area want an end to the violence but we also support the other family involed and will rally to their aid if they try to put them out of their homes like the did with “JoJo’s” girlfriend.

  • WestBelfastBoy

    Well I can’t answer for WBR’s comments but the CRJ initally had nothing to do with this incident.

    But now the PIRA ASU in the area are using this to intimidate and try to expell this family who have been a thorn in their side since “JoJo’s” murder.

  • west belfast resident

    I was telling you guys of the RUMOURS in the area. Jesus read what I wrote.

  • SlugFest

    West Belfast Boy,

    So the origin of this feud is young children fighting amongst themselves???!! If so, what ages are the children?

  • WestBelfastBoy

    Well I live here so I can tell you what actually happened.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Rumour has it, and it is no more than a rumour, that a nmber of anonymous trolls are coming on site and spouting a lot of fantastical bullshit trying to pass it off as ‘word on the streets.’

  • west belfast resident

    Well I don’t live too far away and I can tell you the fault was not on one side WBB.

    Pat Mc Larnon, do you know what word is on the street in Ballymurphy.

    You too can be annonymous Chico.

  • WestBelfastBoy

    Well I didn’t say that it was only ones side fault. But this incident does not give the local PIRA unit the right to burn out people that had nothing to do with the stabbing, does it?

  • west belfast resident

    Well I agree with you on that WBB, I did see the IRA (Provisionals) out. I did say above that they were there. And they were not afraid to use the name ‘provisional IRA’

  • Mick Fealty

    I’m happy for people to give their own versions of the event, but I cannot sustain the publication of specific names.

    And please, although I do appreciate that this is a very emotive issue, try and lay off the petty name calling.

  • WestBelfastBoy

    Apologies Mr. Fealty.

  • west belfast resident

    Sorry Mick.

  • Comrade Stalin

    It’s very hard to believe that something on this scale could take place in West Belfast without any kind of involvement by the IRA.

  • west belfast resident

    CS opinions are divided whether or not it is just a long standing family feud or whether or not it goes all the way back to the murder of Joe Joe O’Connor.

    Many question, are the PIRA ganging up with one family to get rid of the other family who have connections to the RIRA, and who have been a thorn in the side of PIRA.

    The Daily Ireland and ATN have been running articles which do not give much expression to one of the families.

    Or is it simply a long standing family feud?
    There are people in both clans that are no angels.
    Some think the feud is being used by both IRAs.

    Either way, the choppers have been out tonight and a lot of young were roaming about. Jeeps on the Whiterock road and in Ballymurphy its self. Although I believe all is quiet now.

    I think this shows the need for policing.

  • WestBelfastBoy

    I was down there when the chopper arrived. the same three houses were burnt again. I would love to know how because there were 4 cop jeeps in the street at the time.

    2 blokes were seen in the backs of the houses but 6 jeep loads of cops and a chopper with nightvision couldn’t catch them. Yeah, right. Pull the other one.

    Although I did find out an interesting fact when I was there. The knife used to stab Mr Devlin (which the cops have) is a part of a set owned by the Devlin’s and some others were found hidden in the Devlins garden, again the cops have these. seems the initial story of Mr devlin being suprised jumped outside by a baying crowd armed with baseball bats just isn’t adding up anymore

    The plot thickens.

  • west belfast resident

    That is interesting WBB.

  • west belfast chick..

    This is DISGUSTIN!!!! You woulld think that the people of the murph would try and stop the “STREET FIGHT” which happened to end with a father of 6 dien!!!. I really think the so called “PEALERS THAT WERE DOIN THEIR JOB” could have stopped that fight!!!. The only people that my herart goes out to is the Devlin family!!! Think what his poor son’s are going through!! They always had him and no-one had the right to take that away from them!! Justice should be done – “BIG DEV DESERVES THAT!!”

  • ncm

    Well said WBC.

  • west belfast chick..

    If the Nat’s are so afraid why didn’t they move out of the area long before this????… Think of the Devlins here, look @ the effect this has on Gerard n wee Gary, their heart-broken, they try and greive but it’s all gettin thrown back in their faces, they’re tryin da grieve but they don’t know how to!! Aye they might be doin what their doin but do ya blame them?? They have da live with the memory of seein their daddy murdered in-front of them… And live with the fact that their daddy was tortured and butchered for god’s sake!. And wee Garys brain damage is terrible ni he just can’t cope with the fact his daddy’s gone!! ak.. If any-thing i’d be proud if he was my da’.. He was one hell of a man!!!

  • west belfast chick..

    in reply to ncm… how do you feel bout all ths??? i bet ya anythin ya felt sick when ya heard??

  • murph resident

    I think it’s redicilious that the people who brought that man to his death are getting of with it, and are getting sympthy from people.. It has been a long time coming to the Nats they deserve everything they get… They have tortured and terrorised people in their own neighbourhoods… People have been afraid to stand up to them for years as they have proven to people what they really are capible of!!!.. I think it’s time that people came together and removed the SCUM from West Belfast once and for all!! how many people out there agree with this?? Big Dev was no angel but i know for sure he wouldn’t have done what them scumbags done to any one let alone a father of 6!!

  • I don’t even know why I bother emailing to you as it seems to me that you have made your own mind up to blacken the names of the Notarantonios and I just would like to know if one of the two notara boys were killed by G Devlin would all this madness be happening to some people who see him as a god, others a thug. But he was his mother’s son after all but after the comment she put in the andersonstown news it makes me wonder i know she’s lost a son and it is painful and could cause anger these are emotions we go through in life but what she stated today was sick and evil and all the hurt and pain in the world could not condone what she said not every individual person of the Notarantonio families killed her son so why conduct such a statement towards those who had no part, especially the children.

  • saddened

    eighteen months and ballymurphy has been brought to it knees and the only question is why well let me tell u people r to quick to judge slating one name for another in sympathy for the other side which i can understand the other side our the victims those poor children now the tables have turned one family has stood bk and taken everything that has been throwm at them even petrol bombs but what is the case now when these poor children have not only reaped revenge on their enemy but on innocent people of the community theyre out of control an jail is to good for them make them put somethin bk in to the area by leaving and letting the good people of the murph live in peace