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For the sake of the casual reader or those of you reading Slugger on feeds, my brief report on Newsnight’s treatment of CRJ can be found below.The report can be found towards the end of the programme. Some interesting highlights:

– Jim Auld said that CRJ could not recognise the police because it would effectively put them out of business since they are not recognised in the communities in which it works.

– Reporter Liz McKean: “Fear and loathing of the police is a fact of life in these areas”.

– Even though the police have greater access to restorative justices schemes in Loyalist areas they effectively say they don’t know what’s going on at the heart of them. And they also say that must change.

– Eileen Caulder suggests there is confusion as to who individuals actually represent, saying some are believed to have triple membership of Sinn Fein, IRA and CRJ. Jim Auld defended their policy of employing ex-prisoners, and argued that they were clearly badged.

– According to Chris Notorantonio, the CRJ told him that his son had to leave Northern Ireland and that they could not guarantee his safety.

– One unidentified client of CRJ in Derry talked about a case where an apparently unwarranted accusation of child abuse caused a serious fall out between two families. Proceedings were begun on the say so of a boy standing outside the window. It wasn’t until a second independent witness intervened that the case was settled amicably. Yet she was still fearful of speaking out.

– Caulder also mentioned a case where they brought a rapist and victim into the same room together. She claims they are getting involved in controversial cases, which they are unqualified to handle. CRJ denies getting involved in sex abuse cases.

As it stands there is currently no publicly accountable investigative body that can look into any of the complaints above and either attach blame or exonerate the parties concerned.

  • Gerard Devlin – murdered in Ballymurphy, Belfast, this afternoon by a family asked to leave the area by resdients through CRJ.
    The family refused, a couple of weeks later Gerard is dead.
    Let this be a lesson to those who believe the sob stories trotted out by criminal families asked to leave communities by the people of those communities. They are asked to leave to prevent murders like these taking place.

  • Bah.. the second link isn’t working.. but the video can be accessed at the first link.. repeated here

  • Paul Panther does that not point up one of the major problems with CRJ, that they cannot enforce their recommendations. CRJ should not have been handling this family dispute, it should have been handed to the police and let the law take its course. It may have prevented today’s violence. Obviously, CRJ was unable to.

  • JD

    Just watched the report, another media hatchet job on CRJ. Dark streets, sinister music, black out faces. Dear God this musy be a frightful organisation, yet the alleged complaints pale into insignificance compared with many other organisations that recieve thousands of pounds of public money every year. Someday some media outlet will try to give a more balanced view of an organisation that deserves great credit IMHO.

  • fuiseog

    A chairde

    Just heard by phone some disturbing local news pertaining to that newsnight report – demonstrating perhaps the limitations of community restorative justice schemes anywhere.

    The long running notorious family feuding in the murph has eventually tonight claimed a life !!!

    The best will and intentions in the world will not properly quell such bitter hatred.

    In traditional republican areas such as the murph where the movement is slowly loosing its once covetted and respected status such ventures as the CRJ are seen as merely cosmetic ‘jobs for the boys’ talking shops.

    Needs must!! These days if you need an anti social problem sorted out the attitude increasingly is its a waste of time going to the PSNI, its an even bigger waste of time going to the movement who quietly tell you to ring the PSNI or contact CRJ who everyone knows is a paper tiger unless its someone ‘connected’s’ relatives involved then its all hands on deck!!!

    No, the answer is to sort it out yourself … and in light of this man’s death, surely thats no answer at all?

    is mise

  • SlugFest

    Here’s a quick blurb on the murder:

  • Betty Boo

    More news on the belfast stabbing if you go to News&Wire here on slugger. News Now,”Stabbed on their doorstep” from The Belfast Telegraph.