IRA Statement

The IRA claims it is honouring its commitments.

“Recent allegations that the IRA is in breach of its public commitments are false. The IRA has honoured all public commitments made on the 28th July 2005. Any allegations to the contrary are politically motivated”.

RTE reports. The IICD agrees with the IRA., as noted on Slugger earlier.

The IICD told Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain and Minister for Justice Michael McDowell: “Last week we were informed by security sources in Northern Ireland that they had intelligence to the effect that some individuals and groups within the IRA have retained arms including handguns.

“There was no indication that the quantities of arms involved were substantial. We were also told there is no suggestion these arms (purportedly kept for personal protection and area defence) have been retained with the approval of the IRA’s leadership or as part of a wider strategy to return to violence.”

The commission said it raised the claim with the Gardaí, whose intelligence last year had indicated the IRA went to great lengths to locate and gather all the weapons, which were put beyond use.

General de Chastelain, his American colleague Andrew Sens and Finnish Brigadier Tauno Nieminen, said: “The Garda informed us that what they regard as reliable sources in relation to the IRA and its weaponry have produced no intelligence suggesting any arms have been retained.”

The IICD also spoke to the IRA itself:

The commission said it also met an IRA representative twice last week who insisted all the arms that were dumped following the organisation’s July statement were collected and put beyond use.

The representative also insisted no weapons were retained and hidden in secret arms dumps.

The IICD revealed: “In a meeting later in the week the representative told us that following our earlier discussion the IRA leadership questioned each of their commanders about the intelligence assessment.

“These have confirmed that all the arms under their control were decommissioned in September, as we stated.

“We are reassured by the fact that none of the various intelligence assessments suggest the IRA leadership is moving away from its July 28 commitments.

“We conclude that in the absence of evidence to the contrary our September 26 assessment regarding IRA arms remains correct.”


The IICD reminded both governments, however, that in September it did not discount the possibility that a small number of the IRA’s weapons may have gone astray over the years as custodians died or the locations of some its arms caches were lost.

  • martin ingram

    The difficulty is this . The IRA could not lie straight in bed at night, so any statement issued is viewed with nothing more than humour by the person it is targetting DUP/Republicans.

    Just another Year


  • Pat Mc Larnon

    The embarrassing fact for the IMC is that the IICD seem to back up the IRA statement, indeed as does the Gardai. Poor Hain et al must wonder where it all has gone wrong. Although the idea that the IMC would vote themselves out of a £600 a day job was a tad ludicrous

    The IMC report is based solely on the beliefs of a category of intelligence personnel who for the best part of 30 years have lied, tortured and murdered.


    I don’t see any denial that they have some weapons.
    I see a statement that is open to interpretation, the usual IRA ambiguity.

    Having said that, I’m sure I read numerous reports at the time decommissioning occured which said that some weapons were beig retained for personal protection.
    there was no big fuss at the time, why create one now?

    If they have some weapons that are there to protect against possible attcks on the leadership by Dissidents or Loyalists, that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone as far as I can see.

  • Pete Baker


    I’m not convinced that the report justifies stating that the IICD agrees with the IRA.

    They seem to be leaving a little wriggle room in their assessment.


    The IICD said if there were still weapons in the hands of the IRA, it was not substantial.

  • martin ingram


    IICD are only able to report upon the weapons it can see being destroyed. It does not have access to the last thirty years Intelligence or Agents. Agents within the movement can and will give us the best insight into the IRA, Intelligemnce as brought us thus far , let us keep faith.

    It depends upon the Par militaries telling them IICD what they have? and then us and the IICD believing them. The two witnesses can tell us nothing except they saw an act of destruction.


  • heck


    a member of British “Intelligence” calling the IRA liars!!! Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black.

    Does the phrase “weapons of mass destruction” mean anything

  • Betty Boo

    Out of badness.
    About those guns; could it be that they are being held by remaining spies or agents with fixation?

  • Henry94

    I’m sure the iRA are telling the truth and the IMC are lying or at least being lied to.

    There is nonetheless little we can do about the political reality that creates. The securocrats may provide useful excuses but the bottom line is that not enough unionists are up for power-sharing.

    Why would they be? The whole point of the NI state and unionism in the first place is domination. Equality is the end of the road.

    They will fight it to the bitter end. The responsibility for sorting this out lies with the British government. We need to rebuild the nationalist consensus, here and in the US in order to put the pressure on.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    We have the spectacle of those who at length have quoted the excellent sources operated by the Gardai, now dismissing those same Gardai as not even worthy of comment. Only when it suits eh.

  • micheal

    So let me get this straight. There’s a Lib-Dem peer who’s obsessed with “the boys” or at least their bits and bobs. He’s met up with two ‘spooks’ one American and the other British. They’ve drawn up a dodgy dossier that they’ve given to Tony Blair. In it they connect up all the dot’s as explained in the diagram below

    IRA -> IRAQ -> IRAN = Weapons of Mass Destruction

    and now were going to bomb Tehran unless Gerry Adams can do a triple turnpike with double summersault for Ian Paisley.

    Now where does the irish civil servant come in?

  • Nic

    Hhhm, talk about answering the question you wish you were asked.

    The latest IRA statement stresses that they are living up to their commitments from 28th July last.
    “Commitments” that were explicit on ending (at least for the time being) unconscionable violence as a means to a political end, but were rather less explicit on ending criminality.

    The IICD exists to monitor decomissioning (military-strength) firearms and explosives, whereas the IMC is concerned in the main with IRA crime syndicates.

    The twain shall meet where the IICD confirms that small arms “for personal protection” were not decomissioned.

    So everyone’s telling the truth and nothing but the truth but, as usual in Norniron, no-one’s telling the whole truth. So help us God.

  • Cahal

    Henry 94
    “the bottom line is that not enough unionists are up for power-sharing.”

    “The whole point of the NI state and unionism in the first place is domination. Equality is the end of the road. ”

    I had some hope for a while, but these two statements basically sum up how I feel today.

    Any middle of the road nationalists must now be thinking that a UI is the only way to achieve a truely equal society.

    An internal ‘NI’ solution has proved unworkable after 10 years of trying. Given the lack of popular support for a UI within the artifical boundary of NI, perhaps a third option should be considered regarding the constitutional question.

    I simply cannot EVER see the day coming when Unionists will agree to sharing any power with Irish people.

  • Kathy_C

    Hi all,

    SF had/has those within it’s leadership agents/spies/ of the british gov’t…and the pIRA leadership bought it hook line and sinker what sf told them to do.
    Any member of the pIRA leadership/council who opted to go along with this failed policy of SF…should stand down immediately.

  • Kathy_C

    Hi all,

    Cahal, in politics people don’t agree because they want to….you have people agree because they are made to….
    SF isn’t making the unionist do anything.

  • Henry94


    I simply cannot EVER see the day coming when Unionists will agree to sharing any power with Irish people.

    Direct rule is the soft option for them. However bad it is, however disadvantaged those they represent are by it, however semi-detached the British ministers are it beats the hell out of sharing power.

    It’s not the knuckle-dragging backwoods men of unionism I despise. It is the allegedly moderate educated liberal unionists who will hide behind this stupid report as an excuse for not taking on the rejectionists.

    They are the people who pretend to believe in a shard future in the north. They don’t really. Not enough.

    The multi-threaded excitement on display here to today was an example of the relief of so-called liberal unionism.

    We should be in no hurry to facilitate their return to office.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Pat wrote :

    The embarrassing fact for the IMC is that the IICD seem to back up the IRA statement, indeed as does the Gardai. Poor Hain et al must wonder where it all has gone wrong. Although the idea that the IMC would vote themselves out of a £600 a day job was a tad ludicrous

    Pat, the IMC has concluded that the IRA is on the right track. It hasn’t come to a dead stop but then again who believed that it would ? There is nothing at all unreasonable or unexpected about anything that the IMC has said.

  • Pete Baker

    Indeed Comrade.

    In fact, what the IMC have said is that it isn’t all as clear and unambiguous as Hain, Sinn Féin, and of course Shaun Woodward, would have everyone believe.. that’s the IMC’s crime.

  • Dermot McMorrow

    Sinn Fein have always been honest, truthful and respectable having no part in anything other than good old fashioned patriotic behavious. Their anger at IMC reports is understandable, since they have no other way of excusing ongoing armament, criminality and punishment beatings.
    Seriously though lets hope Sinn Fein+their close but not related military wing the IRA (murdered approx 1800 people,buts hey, whats a silly statistic) continue in their patriotic work to free our Republic….

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    THe IMC has simply stated what they have been told by their intelligence handlers, which I have already pointed out is at odds with the IICD. I would state that it is indeed unreasonable, but would agree with you that given the source of their report it is not inexpected.

  • Realist

    Is this how it goes perhaps?

    Slab Murphy’s phone rings – “Yes, Adams?”

    Gerry says: “Slab – any chance of you knocking that (alleged) diesel racket on the head? It’s causing the movement a few problems comrade”

    Slab says: “F**k off Adams, you Brit-lovin bastard”

    Gerry says “OK boss.”