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1. IMC on CRJ
2. IMC on PIRA – The good news
3. IMC on PIRA – The bad news
4. IMC on Loyalist Paramilitaries
5. IMC on Dissident Republicans
6. IMC on use of Violence/Exiling, key points
7. IMC on Leadership: Who’s in charge around here?
8. IMC on Leadership, continued
9. IMC Report: Conclusions and Recommendations

  • Pete Baker

    Sheesh.. Mick, if I’d have known you were going to break it down and post it all in sections, I wouldn’t have posted this extract earlier đŸ˜‰

  • Betty Boo

    Where did the Peter Hain speech go from 1pm?
    I didn’t get time to figure out if it was about no money at all at all to SF or no money at all.

    Submitting word: provide
    Maybe is was the latter then.

  • Mick Fealty

    Mistaken entry from me. I stupidly assumed that if it was top of the IMC press reports it related to today’s report and not to one that came out over a year ago. Pete noticed it and I took it down in short order. Sorry for the mislead.

  • Betty Boo

    Thank you, Mick. It looked a bit out of time from what I did get to read.
    Any statements yet?

  • heck

    Where is the link to

    IMC on the Brits.

    I guess all the illegal activity by Martin Ingram’s buddies is OK. Independent my ass.

    para 3.19 Republicans want to know what is happening in Northern Ireland–shock and horror.

    para 3.20 a few republican got into fights

    para 3.21 Someone from crossmaglen bought cigarettes in dundalk and took them home

    para 3.22 Sinn Fein took up a collection in a bar in west belfast.

    para 3.23 all the international witnesses are wrong and we are right because we got some information from Honest Tony’s spies. (after all we believe them because the were sooo accurate on iraq.)

    This thing is a load of bollocks. It will provide cover to the DUP.

    Perhaps JA is not such a good idea and we should just demand the Brits go.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    What have you been taking? Five tablespoons of lies or two pills of delusion? Have you been so indoctrinated in republican propaganda that you actually believe what you are saying, or are you trying to deliberately mislead Slugger posters?

    Particularly galling is your take on para 3.21:

    “Someone from Crossmaglen bought cigarettes in Dundalk and took them home”.

    Major oil companies like Esso and Shell no longer directly own petrol stations in Northern Ireland as they were losing millions to the illegal fuel trade, the majority of which is smuggled into the country by the Provie Irish Freedom Fighters. If this continues it could have a disastrous effect on our economy. It is not something to be taken lightly and joked about…

  • lib2016

    You believe NI has an economy?

  • heck


    Of course the petrol industry is going to be under pressure. Anyone who lives with 25 miles of the border (this must be a large portion) of Norn Iron must have their head examined if they don’t buy their diesel in the republic. (This is technically smuggling). Anyone who is close to the border for any reason with fill up in the republic.

    Dare I say it –yes I will– the reason there is smuggling is because there is a border!!!!. If it bothers you that much then get rid of it. That makes more sense than saying that because there is smuggling you must keep fenians out of government.