Oireachtas Returns

After a gruelling holiday, Dail and Seanad Eireann resume in plenary session this afternoon to a workmanlike legislative programme and a Government coasting on a healthy economy and respectable opinion polls toward a general election in 16 months’ time. Leaders’ Questions kick off at 3.45pm followed by Questions to the Taoiseach and the Order of Business, which can be viewed live here.

Private Members’ Business in the Dail is on the EU Services Directive while the Upper House concerns itself with the pay and conditions of workers.

The Irish Times editorial previews the forthcoming session here. It all seems dull enough but, as we all know, events from absolutely nowhere have a habit of making it all little more interesting.

  • What a bunch of wasters, just back from Christmas and it nearly February. I think I’ll run for the Dáil just for the holidays, I might have a good shot, at least I’m honest about it…

  • Kim Philby


    If it’s long holidays you’re after you should run for the Assembly. The Dail does actually meet sometimes.

  • Don’t you miss it at all Naoise, not to mention all those lovely hols – just not on a sitting week, eh?

  • Naoise Nunn

    You sound like you’re speaking from experience, Copernicus. I do miss aspects of it certainly – I don’t miss the late nights and the huffing and puffing of various Deppities and Senators. However, there is something special about working in you national parliament.

  • Brian Boru

    We may need an anti-immigration party if the politicians refuse to take note of our concerns as expressed in the poll on Monday whoing 78% want to reimpose restrictions on immigration from the new EU states (which 12 countries still have btw) and that 76% want no more immigration. Listen to us!