Hardy extradiction goes ahead

I can only find one, short, report on this so far.. this UTV report. It seems that Leonard Hardy, arrested in Spain in August 2005 on a warrant issued by the German authorities has been extradicted. As RTÉ reported previously, he is wanted in connection to an IRA attack on a British Army base in Osnabruck in 1989 and the attempted murder of a British Army employee. Update Hardy was flown to Frankfurt on Monday and taken into custody by federal police. Another Update From the Irish Times[subs]

A suspected IRA member has been released on €20,000 bail in Germany pending trial in connection with an explosive attack on a British army base in western Germany in 1989.

Despite the initial reports that he was opposing the extradiction, The Irish Times’ Derek Scally reports that Hardy agreed to be extradicted in September.

He was arrested in Torremolinos, Spain, on August 17th last, and spent six weeks in detention before agreeing on September 30th to travel to Germany.

Last Monday he was flown to Frankfurt, and turned himself over to police. He was charged with five counts of attempted murder and attempting to cause an explosion. No date has been set for his trial.

And the Irish Times report also notes the sentences give to the others convicted of the attack in 1989

In June 1995, Donna Maguire, Donncha and Pauline O’Kane and Patrick Murray were sentenced to an average of nine years’ jail for attempted murder and attempting to cause an explosion.