IRA crime, or criminal individuals..?

HERE’S the situation, one we’ve started exploring below, but just to spell it out… The Security Minister says the IRA isn’t involved in criminal activity. The police’s most senior detective says it is. The IMC will have the final say in a few days time. They all, presumably, are receiving the same intelligence, so it’s all in the interpretation. Does anyone get the feeling we’re about to have a big debate over the difference – if you see one – between the IRA being involved in crime as an organisation on one hand, and individual IRA members carrying out criminal activity for personal gain on the other? Where is the line drawn? The DUP have called for the Minister’s scalp anyway. It sets the scene for predictably protracted negotiations.

  • HMG seems to adopt the SF stance on so many things, including it’s dictionary and part if the SF/IRA definition of crime is – excluding anything SF/IRA does.

    Kincaid is obviously using an old dictionary!

  • They must not be involved in crime because if they were they would have been exiled by Danny Morrison

  • FK

    Too funny MacDara…

    I’ve been having this dicussion in my head for awhile. What will be the standard for blaming an organization for the acts of the individuals? How will it be decided. I’ve had a couple ideas but it is really all so ambigious.
    Does their have to be proof the group gave a go ahead? Fat chance finding that kind of evidence.