Channel 9 to close in Derry?

Sticking with the media, Slugger hears that Channel 9, the community broadcast TV channel in Derry may be about to close. The company has held the local franchise since 1999 and survives on Teletext advertising and grant aid. It provides a couple of hours broadcasting a night, and until a few months back was fronted up by Jimmy Cadden, the popular former editor of the Londonderry Sentinel. According to local journalist and activist Eammon McCann it has played an important role in supporting local democracy discussing everything “from ceasefires to pavements”. No official announcement has, as yet, been made.

  • J Kelly

    I would have to agree it has been very good locally and quite popular even if they took fifteen minutes to report a one minute story. On a serious note this station had no political agenda but this could open the door for another station in Derry and about two years ago Patrick Durkan brother of Mark and father of Mark H led a consortium of SDLP leaning business people in a bid to win the licence that Channel 9 won.

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    Update: The company only is going into liquidation. Programmes should continue.

  • Zeppo

    This is interesting. It could mean the company is being liquidated and the present owners are transferring the broadcast licence to another company ( also owned by themselves ) with a view to avoiding debts etc. Thereby allowing them to continue broadcasting. I have it on good authority that they have pulled this stunt at least once before and the regulator ( then the ITC now Ofcom )let them away with it.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    I will not be sad to see it vanish from our screens forever. Although I can only just about get a picture for Channel 9 where I live, I nevertheless see enough to give me the impression that it is extremely amateurish to say the least.

    I also disagree with J Kelly when he states,
    “this station had no political agenda”.

    The city, and even the county, is referred to by the station’s broadcasters, solely, as “Derry”, and not the correct title of Londonderry. To avoid accusations of pursuing a “green” agenda they could use the inclusive “Maiden City” title or even alternate between Derry and Londonderry. Instead they flout inclusivity and promote the exclusive, diversive “Derry” title.

    Protestants in the city are becoming increasingly isolated and marginalized and it doesn’t help when Channel 9 and the local radio station, BBC Radio Foyle, are perceived to be hell-bent on promoting a nationalist agenda…

  • darth rumsfeld

    terrible news…if you are Willie Hay MLA TP [Token Prod], Billy Leonard, Helen Quigley, Pat Ramsay, the illiterate Brandywell Stoop Councillor who always wears a flat cap, Mitchell McLaughlin’s mammy,or a deeply disturbed individual who actually can’t get enough of the witterings of the sundry other local councillors from the Derry Jurinal. Noone else appeared, except of course the ubiquitous Eamon Mccann.

    Oh the deep joy of hearing yet another rant from Billy Page about the rubbish out the back return in Galliagh attracting rats, or Mark “Haitch” Durkan about the bins in the Brandywell. And how we all miss the ramblings of Mary Nelis, our favourite galloping mad granny. How could it have failed?

    That’s the thing about market forces- if it’s crap, noone will come.

    And Channel Nine never realised that there is a world outside the West Bank. Noone in Limavady, Coleraine, Ballymoney, and even Strabane-if its got electricity yet-is impressed with their news being shoehorned into the last five minutes after the latest news about a cardboard box on the Lecky Road flyover occupied the first twenty five minutes [needless to say, the Brits were to blame]

  • Thundrepants

    Found this link. It looks like Zeppo was right about these punters after all.

  • dodrade

    I’m not that suprised, sky news has taken up more and more of the schedule recently instead of local programming, I suspected something was up.