Shankill satire…

IN the absence of the Portadown News, here’s this week’s Shankill Moaner. Not for the easily offended, which here, probably means everyone, but hell…

  • Laughing Gas

    The Latest is now available here:

    [url=]Shankill Moaner[/url]

    Cracking Stuff!!

  • Mick,
    I noticed its from the thread “Ireland and Britain” – The Shankill Moaner. Issue 12 is this another sideline of yours?
    Happy New Year!
    Cybes 🙂

  • Belfast Gonzo are you Mick in disguise?

  • Slartibuckfast

    Hey! I’m famous!

    No, Cyber, I’m not Mick as far as I know but I have had a lot of blackouts so it is possible…

    The fella who runs that LoveUlster parody site asked me to put those SMs on so they’re all at

    if anyone wants to see any more.


  • Ulster, Leinster, Munster, Connaught and Bigotry I never learned that at school.Does Bigotry include Donegal and Monaghan?
    I’m wondering what the people who live between Killiney and Bray think about think about The Shankill Moaner? Would Sean Cill, if he was alive today, read it?

  • #### = S.H.A.N.K.I.L.L.

  • I got it wrong I meant #### = B.I.G.O.T.R.Y

  • jmurray

    the author has been putting paedophile postings in other sites around the web. i objected to one which was pulled from derryforums

  • 2nz

    But JMurray’s been banned from DerryForums in it’s previous guise for being very derogatory about other posters I thought.

  • Peadophile postings, haha, you should’ve read the post that he considers a “paedophile” post. It was a joke about a 15 year old and his girlfriend. A JOKE!

  • jmurray

    is paedophilia somthing to joke about…is that how low derry forums and slugger have people are sick if that is the case

  • 2nz

    Murray, there was nothing paedophilic about it and you know it.

    Apologies to the rest of you for having to read all this.

  • jmurray

    by the way jimbob…its a joke about a 21 year old and his 15 yr old girlgriend….a 15 year old is still a child

  • jjmurray

    theres something paedophilic about you, when you go out of your way to defend the sick crap he posted…are you the bishop of derry

  • 2nz

    No, but I’m a mod on the forum. So I’ve seen what was posted.

  • jmurray

    more shame on you for letting the poster slag my young daughter after i mentioned that the child on his original post was only 15…both his original post and his post slagging my daughter were paedophillac…why do you feel the need to back him up

  • Slartibuckfast

    Just because I joked about what Michael Jackson said when your 8yr old son walked past:

    “Wow – he would have been a looker in his day!”

    and you say I have bad taste for that? For shame.

  • jmurray

    at least youre starting to admit youre either a paedophile or that you find paedophilia funny….and you expect someone who is not twisted to laugh at your sectarian “satire”

  • jmurray

    in fact, after i pointed out that the girl in your post was a 15 year old, not one single person laughed with you…you were left giggling on your own…are you robert howards lovechild


    Bad taste is not a crime.Black humour is usually the funniest.
    Most often, the humour derives from the reaction of others unable to stop sucking lemons long enough to distinguish between reall paedophilia, which is offensive at every level,and jokes about paedophlia, which are about reacting to the Taboos around the subject.

    This is just my longwinded way of saying that I found the Shankill Moaner funny as f*ck

  • YerWoman

    Check out the selection of jokes that hypocrite jmurray saw fit to post on Derry Forums!

    “Last night I picked up this woman, and she started crying and screaming. Her deameanor improved When I removed the pick from her thingy.”

    “what do you call a fish thats lost its hair???
    finding chemo”


    jmurray didnt post those jokes. they arent anywhere on that sute

    enjoy the spam youll get for posting your email address on an internet site

  • jmurray

    i may have posted jokes like that…i like black humour…but if i did i put them on the joke section not in the general forum where slartibuckfast put his paedophillic postings. im not surprised at yerwoman though….i mean, any woman who can laugh at the likes of what slarti posted can hardly call herself a woman…in derry, we call the blones

  • YerWoman

    The people who post on Sluggerotoole (who, unlike you, act their age and display a bit of maturity when posting) are not the type to waste their time on spamming the mail account of someone they do not know. You must lead quite a sad life that you feel the need to follow Slarti around the internet and call him a paedophile – are you jealous of his satirical writing skills perchance? Or do your feelings for him run deeper than that?

    Take yer oil jmurray!

  • Jee Murray

    The guy also had a problem with the owner of seems a bit of jealousy is present.

    wouldn’t be the first time, this is Norn Iron after all.

  • hohoho

    whos following who…hahahahahaha biddy the blone hahaha

  • says that you know what….both of those twats tried to do satire….both failed abysmally and biddy the blone is a roadie to both