always winter but never Christmas?.. hmm..

Courtesy of Newshound. Newton Emerson unlocks the really secret wardrobe of Narnia, noting “how ‘Narnia’ sounds very much like ‘Northern Ireland’ when said quickly in a north Down accent”. Belfast hosted the Irish premiere of the movie last night. “It always has to be about Jesus with those Christians, doesn’t it?” Indeed it does, Newton, indeed it does..

  • Whatabout

    When is Newton going to get his own radio or telly satire show?

  • old man

    for the sake of us all I trust the answer is never

  • Ghost of PDN Past

    Speak for yourself,old man. Or else Ermyntrude will pay you a visit.

  • Comrade Stalin

    It’s funny how the God Squad all scramble, sheep-like, to block book these movies after some not-so-subtle prompting from the movie executives.

  • Henry94

    Comrade Stalin

    What’s really funny is how uncomfortable the anti-God squad are about the whole thing.

    With The Passion they were able to pretend that there objection was to the graphic portrayal of the suffering of Christ and the alleged anti-Semitism.

    But now along comes a movie against which neither charge can be made and from Poly in the Guardian up they are not happy at all.

    Where is their tolerance? Their respect for diversity? For other peoples beliefs and traditions?

    Non-existant as ever.

  • Stuart Bailie looked at how CSL ewis has influenced music. A Dublin band called Aslan.Liam Gallagher from Oasis claims that he’s only ever
    read one book in his life, The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe there’s more @

  • Daugavas

    I never knew about the Liam Gallagher thing but there’s a certain irony there as one of the main character’s fall from grace is a result of his addiction to “turkish delight” a clear metaphor for drugs. Shame Liamo didn’t take the message of the book to heart.

  • Crataegus

    It is a great read, and many a child has escaped into Narnia without it even occurring to them that CSL was plotting to subliminally brain wash them. So good triumphs over evil and all that, but that tends to happen in children’s books and sickly Holywood movies.

    Good read and stands on it own merits, and just forget CSL’s intent.

    On Hollywood movies generally, recently watched a Chinese film The Road Home. It is a very simple and effective film which is well worth watching, but somehow profoundly sad. It struck me that this film could never have been made in Hollywood, which seems to have lost its way and lacks diversity of approach. You have to have the feel good end or the big budget special effects.