I know what you’re thinking

Several blogs have already noted the pose adopted by Minister for Defence Willie O’Dea for the front page photograph in the Irish Times, Gavin Sheridan has the picture too.. and notes the filename used by the IT.. “makemyday”.. I’m sure there are a number of alternatives.. as Dick OBrien suggests and Deaglan is looking for a better caption.. Do you feel lucky?.. Well, do ya, punk? Update As Mick has pointed out in the comments, the Minister is being criticised elsewhere – Speaking in the Dáil Labour Party leader Pat Rabbitte said it was “an ill-judged, tasteless stunt by a minister mad on publicity..”

  • slug

    John Reid is the Minister for Defence.

  • Mick

    It’s hitting the MSM here and here.

  • Deezer

    John Reid is actually :

    Secretary of State for Defence

    pedantically yours

    The Deezer

  • stu

    The surprises- I didn’t even know this role existed. It’s like when that Canadian sub ran into difficulties. I thought Ireland was a nice peaceful country with no real Army, Navy or Air Force, determined to be neutral and all that. Now there’s a Minister for Defence and he’s holding a gun…

    Well, he’s raised awareness of himself, if not exactly what ever issue it was he was meant to be promoting- I had a look round but all the commentary seems to be focused on how much of an idiot he made out of himself.

  • smcgiff

    He’s approx 5 foot tall, and as the Late Limerick TD, Jim Kemmy once described him – “He plays mighty mouse in Limerick and church mouse in the Dáil”

    So, Stu, having such a person as our Minister for Defence just goes to prove we don’t take that military tomfoolery seriously.

  • stu


    I wasn’t implying anything by my above, I just found it funny, hope you did too.

  • Ringo

    You can take the man out of Limerick….

  • smcgiff

    ‘I wasn’t implying anything by my above, I just found it funny, hope you did too.’

    A worrying development – somebody took me seriously!!! :O)

  • Willie’s comeback to Joe Higgins’s slagging was lame in the extreme…

    Mr. O’Dea (FF): Trotsky was big into weapons.

    Good one William…


  • I rather liked the heading to the post at McManus, although it’s a bit long-winded:


  • Yours, etc.

    I’m surprised it was a gun and not a knife.

  • D’Oracle

    Thats one scary-looking leer!

    Wonder who took the photo and why Willie was forced to act like that?

  • Pete Baker


    He’s the one with the gun!

  • I thought the silly season was in the summer

  • The front page photo of my Irish Times has a picture of Groucho Marx on it. Am I on the right page?

  • aonghus

    All the fun in the Dáil

    Appropriately on Page 3, although there is some on Page 2.

    Mr. J. Higgins: As a matter of Dáil security, did the Tánaiste require the Minister for Defence to leave his weapon at the door this morning?


    An Ceann Comhairle: That does not arise on the Order of Business.

    Mr. S. Power: He left it besides Deputy Joe Higgins’s handcuffs.

    Mr. O’Dea: Trotsky was big into weapons.

    Mr. McDowell: Where was the ice-pick left?

    Mr. J. Higgins: If not, I was going to ask Deputy Ferris to go over and disarm him.

    Mr. O’Dea: The Ballybunion Bolsheviks.


    An Ceann Comhairle: Deputies will allow Deputy Joe Higgins to ask a question appropriate to the Order of Business.

    Mr. J. Higgins: Weapons are not a laughing matter. However, we do sometimes have to undermine the increasing pomposity of Ministers

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