UUP back at Queen’s

The Newsletter reported this morning (no link) that the UUP has re-established a society at QUB following a four year absence.

  • Let’s not forget that one of the signatures that allowed the UUP to seek recognition of the SRC was that of the QUB Sinn Féin Chairman.

    Funny how their “fellow” Unionists did all in their power to stop them forming while Republicans argued their case.

  • queens unionist

    lets forget it actually – for it aint true!!

  • It is true QU, I should know

    I signed it!!

  • Michael Shilliday

    Just because you signed it dosn’t mean it was used!!

  • It was used Michael, I was shown the sheet that was submitted.

    anyone can view the sheet

    Go and see for yourself if you don’t believe me

    It is pretty hard to miss as it also includes a box beside my name which says “Chair Sinn Féin QUB”

  • Michael Shilliday

    I’ll point out now that I didn’t post that!

  • When the Unionist society in Trinity was being set up the Chair of Sinn Féin signed the sheet there also.

    Goes against your claims that we are sectarian

    P.S. Michael, you were at the stall when I signed the sheet so lets stop telling porkies!

  • I welcome the creation of the unionist society. I remember last year it was such a controversial motion that any time it was on the agenda quorom was not reached. This also consequently stopped my poker society being created for which I am none too happy

  • Butterknife

    I have noticed a growing trend among bloggers to hijack their ‘rivals’ names and try to discredit them. But to be fair Sin Fein may be many things but i have never known one member to be dishonest in relation to clubs.

  • Ben Preston

    maybe the newsletter were a bit hasty in their reporting, offically the new list of clubs and societies needs to go to senate to be rubber stamped 🙂

    I was very pleased with Monday’s Council meeting, twas very productive!


  • Keith M

    Why wouldn’t SF/IRA support a UUP society, I’m sure Adams and co. would love to see the return of Trimble and push over unionism.

  • Vada

    I see that the DUP are beginning to sound like a broken record! Yes indeed, Trimble is gone, with which I am quite pleased with I am honest.

    However, when is the DUP going to cease with the tedious rhetoric, and actually come up with some new ideas. They are the main Unionist party now, so why not try to serve the interests of those who granted you this power, and stop letting SF and the 2 govt’s run the political agenda. Concessions are continuing because Unionists are been ‘pushed’ out to the sidelines. This has not stopped during the DUP’s reign, and by all accounts has sped up. Concessions will continue to gather pace given Mr Blairs’ remaining tenor and the ineptitude of the DUP. Yes, the DUP will try to continue to claim that these wheels were already set in motion during the time when the UUP were the main Unionist voice. This will only wash for so long with the Unionist people!

    I welcome the new society and see it as a positive step from the Queens group.

  • Richard Reid

    Let me put things straight, I was at the stall on freshers day when Chris Gaskin signed the sheet. The sheet on freshers day was available for anyone to sign who supported the formation of a YU Association at QUB. We can’t stop someone from signing it because he is Chairman of QUB Sinn Fein. Shows that we aren’t sectarian. Who really cares if he signed it? A signature on a sheet is a signature. The more signatures the better no matter who they were from. Just gives them more opposition in the SRC by supporting us. Because he signed it it doesn’t mean we wanted or needed sinn fein support to get the association recognised.

  • Richard

    I and other Nationaists and Republicans were quite happy to sign the sheet. The only point I was making was the difficulty that the society has faced from your “unionist brethern” compared to the so-called “other side”.

  • Stalford’ll be raging

    Stalford, elder statesman of that august DUP Association and mentor of a certain QUB DUP activist will be none too happy at this news!

  • darth rumsfeld

    well of course SF want to help the UUP, after all the UUP have done for them since 1998 :0)

  • “Stalford, elder statesman of that august DUP Association and mentor of a certain QUB DUP activist will be none too happy at this news!”

    Stalford will be raging at a lot more stuff closer to home, if or when he finds out 😉

  • Stalford’ll be raging


    Do tell!

  • formerdup

    now, now, stalford may be annoying but at least he’s not part of the terrorist alliance that is Sinn Fein/IRA

  • Stalford’ll be raging

    Stalford, more than anyone else, helped to make the Union a cold-house for Prods with all his bleating and doom-mongering. I’m pleased to see his “legacy” of helping to exclude the dominant Unionist party of the last 100 years has been brought to en end.

  • Richard Reid

    The ‘unionist brethren’ ie the DUP, would of course be uphappy at the setting up of a UUP branch within Queen’s. It creates problems for them, it gives the unionist people at the uni a choice between their so called hardline stance on everything and our more moderate opinion. Before they had everything their own way. That is why there has been problems as they (the DUP) are scared that they will lose the power and the support which they had when they were the only unionist and protestant political society at QUB.
    The DUP don’t like having challengers to their position. If the DUP had attacked Sinn Fein as much as they attacked the UUP in the past number of years the political playing field would be a lot different. They thrive on attacking fellow unionists which gets the unionist side nowhere.

  • Queens Nationalist

    Richard Reid

    A Queens UUP insider informed me that there were only 15 names on the constitution – the minimum requirement under the terms of the Student Union rules – it is therefore fair to say that the UUP Association COULD NOT have been formed without the support of Sinn Fein and other Nationalists who signed the form. So just how many genuine Ulster Unionists are there at Queens, for it doesn’t sound like too many to me.

  • Richard Reid

    Queen’s Nationalist,
    There was alot more than 15 names on the list. Who told you that there was only 15? Did you even see the list that was given to VPCS? There was at least thirty names on the list that was submitted. We didn’t need the support of Sinn Fein or other nationlists to get 15 names. Just because someone sign the sheet doesn’t mean they are going to join up but what it does mean that they are giving support to the formation of an association. Many students don’t care about NI politics and aren’t involved with any party. The main point is that the UUP have re-established a branch within QUB. The number of members is insignificant. As i’m sure you know, that no matter how many members a association has, normally a small percentage acutally do alot to further its ideas and principles. Would you not agree that its better to have 20 memebers who are all committed and do all they can than to have 200 members with only 20 doing the work?

  • Queens Nationalist

    Richard Reid

    So of the “at least thirty” how many are Sinn Fein and SDLP members? There is a delicious irony in the fact that Chris Gaskin, a through and through Sinn Feiner is a founder of the Offiial Unionist bbranch at Queens. So much for Reggie’s new era being to the right of Trimble!

  • Queens Nationalist

    I will have to correct you, there are indeed more than 15 names on the sheet and they did not need my name per se to form.

    I signed it because I believe that every political opinion in the University deserves a voice no matter who they are.

    Only a fascist would try and subvert someones political opinion.

    I am however not a “founder” of the OUP at QUB.

    I am not a member, I just supported their right to form a society.

  • Henry Fitzpatrick

    Actually, fascists tend to murder people they disagree with. Odd junior SF don’t know that.

  • I am not junior Sinn Féin so who are you referring to?

    So the Brits and Yanks are fascists too?

  • Henry Fitzpatrick

    Get a grip – of course you’re junior SF. All student hacks are political juniors.

    And yeah, the ‘brits’ and the ‘yanks’ are fascists because they plant car bombs, strap explosives to lorry drivers tied to the wheel of their trucks, beat people to death while tied to chairs, etc, etc. All Americans do that. All Brits do that. No, wait, they don’t. I’m thinking of the Provos and their fangirls. Oh well, ass ever, junior SF, just like adult SF can’t face up to any sort of moral responsibility whatsoever.

  • I am sorry to inform you but there is no such thing as “junior SF” and I am not a student hack!

    “Actually, fascists tend to murder people they disagree with.”

    That was your description of a fascist!

    You should not write checks your ass can’t cash!

    I have no responsibility to face up to

  • traditional unionist

    OUP!!! Aren’t you quaint!!

  • Henry Fitzpatrick

    “I have no responsibility to face up to” – junior and adult SF should print that on the back of their membership cards.

    Meanwhile, always with the ‘ass’ references. Indubitably, “the Republican Movement: one large homoerotic conspiracy?” remains the question of the age.

  • Richard Reid

    Queens Nationlist,
    Unless you expect me to assume from the names of those on the list who’s Sinn Fein and who’s SDLP I couldn’t tell you how many signatures are from Sinn Fein and SDLP members or supporters. You would have to be a person who is biggotted to look at a list of names and say who is Sinn Fein and who is SDLP.
    As i said before the list was free for anyone to sign who wanted to support the formation a QUB young unionist association. Just because someone signed it doesn’t been they want to be a member of QUB YU’s.
    Calling Chris Gaskin the founder is a very big mistake. Just because he signed the list that makes him a founder of QUB YU? Thats like saying that because Mr X, who doesn’t want to be a member of, say QUB poker society, signed their list that he is a founder of it.
    As it was said by Chris (not often I’d agree with a shinner) “every political opinion in the University deserves a voice no matter who they are.” Thats why he signed it, not because he wanted to become a QUB YU member. As was also said by Chris and I quote “I am not a member, I just supported their right to form a society.”

    I think that its very immature for people to slate the QUB YU because a member of Sinn Fein signed a petition supporting their formation. Its time those people grew up. Does it really matter who signed the petition?

  • Henry Fitzpatrick

    Richard, wooly faux-liberalism like ‘every political opinion in the University deserves a voice no matter who they are’ just won’t wash. Try setting up a BNP chapter and seeing whether eg the SDLP will cheer. Try setting up an Al Queda branch and seeing whether anyone other than a rather envious SF will cheer. Every political opinion does not deserve a voice, and moreover, nor does every political opinion get a voice.

    Meanwhile, if you recognised a SF/IRA supporter as and when he or she signed your sheet, you are, at the very least, politically foolish not to have simply *scored through* his or her name. And you’re politically foolish because, by not doing so, you’ve simply handed easy propaganda over to the DUP. Which, sadly, seems to suggest that Davy Trimble’s political skills [sic] are alive and kicking at QUB.