A plan B and plan C

David Hanson may not have a Plan B for a stadium site.. but two consortiums [consortia? – Ed] have put forward not just a Plan B but a Plan C as well. The BBC report on the proposed alternatives to the Maze site here, as does the Press Association. According to the reports Belfast-based chartered surveyors Durnien.com are heading the bid for the Ormeau Park site, while Belfast Chamber of Trade have said the stadium should be at the former Maysfield leisure centre. Time to look at those economic cases? Update Further Press Association report

  • George

    I smell an Abbotstown fiasco in the making. Everyone tearing strips off each other with no stadium at the end of it all.

    This is a small window of opportunity and if it isn’t decided in time where to build it, the 2012 Olympic boat will be missed and it might not get built at all.

  • mnob

    Would that be such a bad thing ?

    I would love to see Olympic football in Belfast but not at the price of a white elephant. I actually think no statdium would be better than the wrong one.

  • George

    the talk is already that the stadium won’t be up and running by 2012. What makes you think it will ever happen?

    There is a much greater economic case and money available for a football/rugby stadium in Dublin and we are heading into 2006 without a sod being turned in Lansdowne.

    I can see the plug being pulled altogether as the IFA, IRFU and GAA go their separate ways.

    Then it’s Windsor Park until 2020 at least.

  • Skintown lad

    i intially thought the stadium would be a great idea and then realised it was only because it was an alternative to the terrorists turning it into some kind of shrine. now i think it should just be an industrial estate, to accomodate the business driven out by the same terrorists. a new stadium would be better placed in the docklands somewhere – give a bit of atmosphere to belfast on match days

  • idunnomeself

    um, as I remember a whole host of sites were looked at the first time round (potential sites were asked for), then a smaller number were subject to in depth study which threw up Maze as the preferred option.

    These schemes have missed the boat

    And neither site seems great to me anyway. Do they think noone will complain about tarmacing Ormeau park??