it might be interesting

RTÉ have Terry Venables’ latest comment on the prospect of managing the Ireland football team.. a job that hasn’t officially been offered to him.. yet – “..if something came up that was special, and something like Ireland which is international, it might be interesting.” The report also notes that Venables last manager’s post was with Leeds in 2003. While you’re waiting for further news, this profile of Venables in the Sunday Times is worth reading.. as is their weighing up of the pros and cons of Venables.

  • I hadn’t realised (prior to reading the article in the Times) that Dunphy and Venables were friends of long standing.

    Still, that didn’t stop the Dunph-meister from dismissing EL Tel on account of his advancing years:

    “Terry is a very smart and funny guy. I like him. He’s also a very good coach and has an excellent knowledge of football around the world, but he wouldn’t be my choice because he probably has too many miles on the clock”.

    Well, few people have more “miles on the clock” than Dunphy, so he probably knows what he’s talking about.

  • Pete Baker

    With friends like that, fústar? 😉

  • Indeed Pete…

    Still, if you were an old pal of Dunphy’s you’d probably have developed a fairly thick skin at this stage.

  • Yokel

    There’s a lot of steam blowing round Tel at the moment. One of three things likely:

    1 He’s a shoo in
    2. He’s trying to generate support for his bid as the FAI are cooler on it.
    3. The FAI havent quite met the Venables demands and he is doing the public ‘would be an honour guv’ to push the FAI on or ensure he comes out clean when any talks break down rather than appearing way too demanding

    Venables is good but I’m not sure he’s the man. Ireland have a useful squad but no one can say its got a hatful of superstars. I’m not sure Venables could mould that into a championship qualifying side, it takes a different type than him. Burley is free and he could do it…no nonsense about his lack of international experience, not as if Jack Charlton managed Brazil and Italy was it? All the proven international managers (apart from Bobby Robson) are already managing other countries and in comparison, Ireland is a smaller international fish at the moment with less clout to get them.

    I think they’d be eejits to look beyond these islands for their man unless they can get that Aussie national manager.