2005: Blogged…

Tim Worstall (a third generation Co Down man, but definately English) has a book coming out next week. I’ve a feeling he may have pulled in some blogging from Slugger and host of others. Tim assures us he’s gone for quality, rather than material that simply conforms to his own rather strongly held views. Definately worth a buy if you want a wider view of the blogosphere than you get on an average day on Slugger!

  • Aaron

    I hope he’s paying royalties..

  • Twenty Major is in there? Good man TM.
    (a British blog?? hmm)

  • Emily

    He’s not paying royalties, but he is giving a free copy of the book to every blogger who’s featured. That’s enough for me.

  • Indeed, no royalties, a copy of the book to each contributor and yes, I did get written permission from each person.

    And as Mick points out, I’ve very much put aside my own strongly held views (wingnut ravings as they might be less politely described) to try and be balanced. All sorts of subjects, all sorts of viewpoints. Right and left, politics, economics, satires and parodies, current affairs, Morris Dancing, gay rights, history, feminism, and so on, kids, sex, vasectomies, foreign aid and even a colonoscopy.

  • Emily

    It’s the Morris Dancing that I really find the least forgivable.