George Galloway on Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds nabbed George Galloway when he was over for the Belfast Festival. He’s in typically combative mood under questioning (video file) from Noel Thompson on the source of money allegedly received by his former wife and allegedly originating from the UN’s oil for food programme. It’s a strictly non trivial issue. Allegations by the Daily Telegraph that he had received such payments directly resulted in a successful libel suit taken by the one time Labour rebel MP. He goes on to accuse the mass media of being part of the Iraq war effort, characterising the BBC as the “Bush and Blair Corporation”. Bizarrely, he seems to deny his ‘indefatigability‘ speech on Baghdad radio in 1994.

  • Pete Baker

    More links on Galloway, including the recent independent report on the Oil for Food scam, at this previous post – I’m not the only one

    Oh and he was also in Cork this week.. at the Everyman Palace, seemingly.

    He’s been attempting to deny or, at least, alter the recorded version of that indefatigability speech for a while now.

  • joc

    He’s been attempting to deny or, at least, alter the recorded version of that indefatigability speech for a while now.

    While in the true political tradition insisting that his interpretation of everyone elses speech is the correct one.

  • Christopher Stalford

    Thompson cleaned the floor with Galloway. Excellent television.

  • Galloway seems to be losing it big time. For him to rant at the BBC who have always treated him with kid gloves is just amazing. I think the more people press him on his hot button issues the more he will descend into the frothing at the mouth madness.

  • Keith M

    Galloway is a festering sore on the British body politic> Thompson was superb last night and I wish he was so robust against some of the local politicians when they try bare faced lies.

  • Yes, must better than Pat Kenny’s limp effort on the Late Late Show last week.

    There is of course also the story that George preferred making money at a public talk in Dublin than attending a Common vote on a new terror law bill, which was eventually passed by one vote. I wonder if even his supporters will now realise that the only cause George is devoted to is his own.


  • micktvd

    I thought Galloway was very impressive under quite hostile questioning. Clearly, he was not very interested in the origins of monies that ended up in the Miriam appeal- he took plenty from the dictators of Saudi Arabia – and probably suspected that some of it came from the Iraqi regime. Same is true of what he calls his ex-wife’s research funds.

    What has never been proved is that he ever personally enriched himself or that he ever took orders from or helped sustain the Saddam dictatorship. I believe his concern was first and foremost the horrendous effects of the first Gulf war and of UN sanctions.

    He was also perfectly coherent in regards to the Iraqi resistance. He states quite correctly that the right to resist illegal foreign invasion is a keystone of international law. The methods used are points of concern, but he doesn’t need to justify every atrocity in order to support the principle. It is really quite an elementary distinction – one that the Iraqui civilian population seems able to make quite easily, if the polls are to be believed.

    The points G makes about media duplicity in downplaying murderous sanctions and cheerleading an illegal and aggressive war hit home to the interviewer and at the end he seems to want to personally attack Galloway with petty jibes about ‘riding the crest of a wave.’

    The mask did slip there.

  • fishfiss

    Thompson was much better than usual here, why by comparison therefore are his interviews with the local ghouls always so lame ?

  • fishfiss

    ….the Poots and Macfarlane dull-athon interview which appeared in the same programme refers.

  • 6countyprod

    George must be really happy, now that the Intifada has spread to France and Denmark: Media Blackout

  • 6countyprod

    What a pretty picture: Neo-Nazis, George Galloway and Islamofascists all in bed together. What’s the world coming to?

  • Eddie

    George has a call-in show on Talksport Radio Station every Saturday and Sunday 8-10pm if you’re willing to listen I think you’ll find he speaks the truth. I never used to like him but I now realise how misrepresented he is and how brainwashed I was.