In Their Own Words

By now, the election of 2005 and the various party campaigns have been well analysed. However, just when you were starting to forget about it an Ulster Unionist staff member has produced a book telling us all the (excruciatingly painful) details from the inside of Cunningham House. While we all wait for the book to hit the shelves it is being helpfully serialised by the Belfast Telegraph.

Interesting snippets include:

Regarding the photograph of Lord Molyneaux alongside Jimmy Spratt – Alex (Benjamin, UUP Communications Director) had been telling the press that the Spratt photo was just a snap taken at a Police Federation event..

Overall, you just get the sense that Cunningham House wasnt a happy place during those days: Panic stations at dawn. DT bursts into the war room screaming at us that Burnside will not turn up for the manifesto launch unless all the ‘Decent People’ posters are scrapped from the launch. That is not a problem at the launch but it certainly is in terms of getting the candidates there.