Sinn Fein will enter Government

I recently attended an event in Omeath where the guest speaker was Dermot Ahern. In answering a question he stated his belief that Sinn Fein will not consider entering Government before 2016. I wonder who is wrong?

Also interesting in this piece is the somewhat cavalier attitude Sinn Fein appear to have to the next Irish General Election:

Mr O Caolain claimed that Sinn Féin will win seats in eight constituencies in the next General Election, including Donegal North East, Donegal South West, Meath West, Wexford, Waterford, and Cork North Central.

The party is also targeting seat gains in two Dublin constituencies which have not yet been confirmed.

I was watching a current affairs show on RTE on Sunday night, and Mary Lou McDonald was being ever so coy about her prospects as a Dáil candidate in Dublin, however it was my understanding that there were now rules against being a member of both the European Parliament and a National Parliament (I could be wrong).

For a party known for playing down its electoral chances and keeping its cards close to its chest on Governmental ambitions, this outburst from Caoimhghin O Caolain strikes me as remarkably candid.