Why (or rather how) Alec Reid was right…

Jude Collins is one of the few commentators to put a cogent argument in favour of Alec Reid’s comparison between Nazis and Unionists. He argues that though there was no literal truth in the accusation, the analogy still holds to some limited degree. He also accuses Unionist politicians of political artifice in their emotional responses to the issue.

Adds: Thanks to reader James, see this Terrance O’Neill quote (subs needed) from today’s Irish Times:”To those of us who remember the Thirties, the pattern is horribly familiar. The contempt for established authority, the crude and unthinking intolerance, the emphasis upon monster processions and rallies, the appeal to a perverted from of patriotism. Each and every one of those things has its parallel in the rise of the Nazis to power. A minority movement was able in the end to work its will simply because most people were too apathetic or too intimidated to speak out. History must not be allowed to repeat itself.”

Terrance O’Neill speaking about Paisley in 1969.

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