Universal, existential, international and cosmopolitan

Just about all of the Sunday papers tackle Fr Alec Reid’s comments in one way or another, and Henry McDonald, in the Observer, takes issue with “The Irish conceit – the belief that ‘we’ are the most special, gifted, talented, put-down and oppressed people to walk upright on this planet”, and points to the interview on Radio Ulster’s Arts Extra with John Banville.. who’s clearly enjoying his 15 minutes – listen to the interview here[first 10 minutes on the show – Ed].. and his comment, on the international guild of writers, that “We think of ourselves as writers.. it’s a cosmopolitan business” reminded me of an earlier post on taking a similar approach to the political process.

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4 thoughts on “Universal, existential, international and cosmopolitan

  1. Is Henry still in the workers party?
    This sounds like their class politics analysis crap out of some textbook that no one in northern ireland votes for.

  2. excellent article henry mc donald is secdond to none with incite and fair balance showing how very out of proportion father reids comments were and how heated debate in ni is very unproductive and can be nonesensicle as mr frazer has now said how unionists fought against nazis and how they opposed them maybe he should join in with all fair minded people in condemni9ng eileen now soon to be lady paisleys disgusting anti semitic campign against her opponent the unionis candidate harold smith one bit of literature was quoted In reference to the Unionist party’s Jewish candidate, Harold Smith, “The Unionist party are boasting he [Harold Smith] is a Jew. As a Jew, he rejects our Lord Jesus Christ, the New Testament, Protestant principles, the Glorious Reformation and the sanctity of the Lord’s day. The Protestant throne and the Protestant constitution are nothing to him “comments like these in a modern multi cultural uk should not be tolerated and the vast majority of unionists find these stomach churning and somebody who is going in to the house of lords should apologise for these hatefilled comments

  3. McD is right. It’s a pity the world didnt get together, gang up on nationalists and unionists and tell them to wise up, they are two very very lucky groups of people who have been indulged beyond belief by successive Britsh governments.

  4. Interesting that Henry “hoped” that Willie wasn’t being a bigot by his omission but didnt allow Fr Reid any benefit of doubt at all.

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