Trillian chosen to represent Belfast's future

The BBC report that Belfast City Council have chosen Trillian, a design by Californian Portland, Oregon based artist Ed Carpenter as the Broadway Junction Public Art Project. [subject to funding – Ed] It’s certainly a striking artwork.. and will be even more so when it is illuminated at night. But.. and it’s a bugbear of mine.. unfortunately it falls into the time-honoured tradition of literalism in the artworks which civic bodies in Ireland, north and south, have a habit of commissioning.. Belfast’s Blooming.. coming to a advertising campaign near you soon.

As the BBC note –

Carpenter said he felt the image of a flower could represent a post-Troubles city.

“It represents germination for the future,” he explained.

“It represents growth, transformation, evolution, and these are all subjects which are universal and which we can identify with and particularly in a city which has had some negative press around the world, this can be a very positive symbol both internally and externally.”

  • slug

    I am greatly relieved. It looks nice.

    I was worried it would be some sick-making ‘hands across the divide’ thing.

  • Biffo

    I heard they were building a flyover over the westlink at that location, was that all bullshit?

  • peteb


    From the BBC report –

  • slug


    They are building an underpass – more costly but better environmentally.

    The artwork and road are part of the same package.

  • Northern FF

    Can someone insist that taxi drivers are consulted as part of the planning process?? Otherwise we can only look forward to twenty years of “do you know how much that bloody thing cost?”

  • jaffa

    Hopefully the Dean of St Anne’s will rethink his horrible spike now. How many symbols of hope do we need?

  • Donegall Road Resident

    As a resident of Belfast

    1. I like the look of it
    2. The Broadway roundabout needs something done with it as the Gateway to Belfast

    Cons (largely NIMBY)
    1. I live a hundred yards from the proposed site and its the first I’ve heard of it. Also I would have some concerns about light pollution.
    2. DSD better not take funding for this from the neighbourhood renewal budget of the Donegall Road communities either side of the Westlink.

    Maybe I should take up taxi-drivin 😉

  • Dick Doggins

    What a complete waste of money, maybe the money should be spent at updating and improving Broadway iself, a traffic bootle neck.

  • yerman

    Interesting how the ‘artist’s impression’ doesnt include the tower block and other buildings in the surrounding area. Wouldnt want the idea being spoilt by the actual location now would we!

  • slug

    “What a complete waste of money, maybe the money should be spent at updating and improving Broadway iself, a traffic bootle neck.”

    The art is a part of a grade separation project to address just that. I am glad that asthetics is taken more seriously – it shows we live in a civilized era.

  • Dick Doggins


    When its erected, who`ll vandalise it first!!!

  • Nestor Makhno

    “Gu’ner, psst, wanna a bland and inoffensive off-the-shelf iconic showcase worldclass artwork of the sort that no self respecting small modern European city can do without? I’ve got a couple in my lock-up. By two and get one free.

    What?, it must be relevant to the existing local cultural and built architectural heritage?

    Naww, mate, can’t get the parts.”

  • AnonAndOn

    Can the three leaves be lit so that, simultaneously, they appear as green, white and gold from one side and as red, white and blue from the other, please?


  • jaffa cake


    well said. I like the Angel of the North – meself. if it hadn’t already been done it’d be good for B’Fast (suggestive of aircraft, shipbuilding and rust). we should see if we can get one of the nudie anthony gormley statues everyone else is getting.

    and how does commissioning something in polycarbonate from a californian celebrate belfast’s creative industries?

  • Joe