The value of North South co-operation?

El Matador, previously of this parish has moved on to his own group blog. One of their number has a decent post on the recent set of proposals from the SDLP pushing for more attention on North South issues:

I am unapologetic as an advocate of a radical and progressive North South agenda but I am not for whipping up Unionist fears or stirring up Nationalist emotions and I won’t spend too long rehearsing the full range of proposals for all-Ireland actions and cross-border delivery. These include: A new all-Ireland Transport & Infrastructure Body; An all-Ireland Research Alliance Accelerating the all-Ireland energy market, Marketing & Investment Co-operation, A Public Safety Body, A joined-up anti-poverty strategy.

1 thought on “The value of North South co-operation?”

  1. Keeping things specific rather than aspirational should lever in a lot of unionist involvement, whatever their leaders like to pretend.

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