More hype than hope

Noel Whelan, in yesterday’s Irish Examiner, looked at the long history of demands for, and rejections of, speaking rights in the Dáil for northern representatives, and on the recent hype on the issue, and concludes –

More importantly there are considerable constitutional obstacles which could only be resolved by a referendum. There is no prospect of such a referendum being held and less prospect of it passing. Bertie Ahern knows that. I suspect the SF leadership knows that too. The only people who give SF’s campaign on this issue any credence are unionist politicians who, again, have fallen for Sinn Féin hype.

  • Jock McSporran

    I’m an Ulster Scot. I demand speaking rights in Holyrood House!!

  • prolefodder

    Oh dear, who gives a shit? Just as one can ask if it matters if we’re misruled from Dublin, London or Stormont, does it matter if the Shinners or adventerous Unionists decide to speak in the dail? Each week the Ulster Farmers UNion and the Irish Farmers UNion meet, discuss and exchange informatio nand decide common strategy (look at the Farming section of that most DUPer of newspapers the Newsletter to see the reality of an ‘all Ireland’ policy agenda), likewise with IBEC and the CBINI and other economic bodies and individual businesses decide common agendas and plans. Gerry and the peacemakers need to get with the programme, the real action has long ago moved from legislatures (whether in Dublin or elsewhere) to non-parliamentary sites of real power. The Shinners should be talking to UK and Irish venture capitalists not the poke barrel merchants of Dail Eireann.

  • Yokel

    Here Paisley, here boy here’s a bone. speaking trights in the Dail….