Documentary re-run in Dublin…

Before it disappears out of mind, this piece from Morning Ireland a few days ago is worth a playback. It features a discussion of Peter Lennon’s controversial 1967 documentary Rocky Road to Dublin. The Ireland under discription is part of a world that seems to have almost disappeared, although it might be argued that there is still some reluctance to question national orthodoxies. It comes out in DVD version at the end of the month.

2 thoughts on “Documentary re-run in Dublin…”

  1. Sounds interesting, and reminds me of several discussions I had with Griffith College Journalism lecturers a few years ago regarding their attitude that the decade of the 1980’s saw the end of civil war politics in Ireland. In my opinion any journalist, lecturer or student of politics in Ireland who tries to argue that Irish civil war politics ended years ago has spent WAY too long in Dublin.

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