Beginning with TUS and onwards…?

TUAS is the old acronymn which several people have argued over the precise meaning of. But Brian Walker argues that in the wake of the disarmament of the IRA, has to be understood by a new one, TUS (Totally Unarmed Strategy – also Irish for ‘beginning’ or ‘start’). He goes on trace the specific ground on which negotiations will be played. The policing issue looks like the most substantive, whilst the issue of what’s to be done about the on the runs (OTRs) is set to be most controversial.

He notes:

Other parties are naturally worried. One concern is that the State is about to take over from an American charity the funding of Community Restorative Justice Ireland, a body the SDLP believes is too close to the Provos. One of their number, I’m told, tried to persuade Jeff Commander, the friend of the McCartneys, not to report to the police the attack on him a fortnight ago, allegedly by republicans. CRJ should be publicly funded only if publicly and accountably supervised through the police and if the present structure of “community” (that is, paramilitary) control is dismantled.

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  1. Brian Walker? Not the Brian Walker? The veteran BBC man of the seventies? Up there in the pantheon along with David Capper and Norman Stockton and Eric Waugh (yes that Eric Waugh, I remember endless Scene Around Sixes as Eric told us how all the factories were closing down and we were all doomed, wonder what he thinks of 95% employment and Lithuanians doing the jobs we’re to proud to do today?). Yes and even Walter Love, he was a good reporter in his day, jeez dya remember them bleak nights of never ending gloom and misery on the night time news? I even remember Alan Green and Georgie Hamilton when they were cub sports reporters covering Distillery v Harland & Wolff welders. I even remember when Rose Neill was the horniest thing on the tv news, ah our own Angela Rippon.

    Anyway sorry for being off topic in the first post on this subject, but I remember Brian and his horn rimmed glasses, he was good enough to give me his autograph in Derry while doing a live link up with Nationwide in 1976. I assumed Brian had joined Vincent Hanna, Barry Cowen and the great WD Flackes in the Havelock House in the sky.

    Is any of this making any sense to the younger generation? Probably not, but they missed out on the good ol’ days of news reporting in Norn Iron, sure we thought Eamon Holmes and Kate Smith were young trendies who were breaking radical new ground on UTV in our day, sheesh I’m getting old, pull up an oul’ sandbag there till I tell ye some war stories….

  2. Harry, you’re too oul if you remember all that. I can only recall a slimline Eamonn Holmes in a pencil tie and two tone suit fronting Good Evening Ulster back in the early 1980s. Oh and the daily depressing litany of murder and mayhem that was being reported on.

    I bet you even remember Jeremy Paxman on Scene Around Six.

  3. Sean Rafferty is on air every evening on BBC’s Radio 3 Drivetime show (5-7:30pm). He is very good and enjoyable if you are into classical .

  4. LP, no I don’t rememder Paxo on SaS, that’s fascinating though not surprising as many of the top Beeb people cut their teeth there, I well remember Nicholas Witchell covering a hunger strike march from QUB just as his cameraman fell down under a brick lobbed from the march. Gavin Esler the top man in Washington and now on Newsnight also did his apprenticeship there, hang on you’re not getting him mixed up with Paxman are you? There was another guy Patrick Burns I think his name was but you don’t hear of him much.

    There were of course the ‘national’ correspondents from the beeb (why did they not just use the local guys?) like Brent Sadler who interviewd my sister-in-law, a nurse in Altnagelvin, after Ballykelly and John Suchet who also got cowped by a brick in Chamberlain Street in Derry, he was bleeding but the Derry people gave him a derisory cheer, his response was “Oh shut up, just shut up!” imagine it in his mincy voice and you can picture the even bigger cheer it evinced.

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