SDLP: UVF behind the desecration threat

SDLP South Antrim MLA Thomas Burns said he believes the UVF was behind the protest at the Carnmoney Blessing of the Graves and subsequent threats to desecrate Catholic graves.From Thomas Burns:

“The UVF is flexing its muscles all around Greater Belfast since the Whiterock parade, and it seems this protest gave it just the excuse it needed to win a bit of turf from the UDA.

“Our message to the paramilitaries is simple: get out of business or be put out of business, close down or be closed. The SDLP has produced a document on dealing with the loyalist gangs and the time has now come to put it into action.

“. The police and the Assets Recovery Agency should now target the drug-dealing brigadiers and seize all the assets they grabbed at the expense of hard-working people: their big houses, their jeeps, their stud farms and their yachts, right down to their gold chains.

“We need to show the paramilitaries up for the small-time hoods they really are. Then perhaps misguided people will no longer support cynical protest actions like the one at Carnmoney cemetery.”