a derogation for 5 years renewable

Ciarán, at Neither Indifferent Nor Sceptical, picks up on a recent post at the EU Law blog on the occasionally controversial subject of official EU language status for Irish. As Ciarán points out the reports at the time of the announcement neglected to mention the newly introduced conditions of that amended regulation[pdf file], as stated by the EU Law blog – “there is a derogation for 5 years renewable according to which the institutions are not bound to draft all acts and publish them in Irish. The Council can review that derogation every five years and decide unanimously to end it.”

The text of the amended regulation[pdf] states –

Article 2

By way of derogation from Regulation No 1 and for a renewable period of five years beginning on the day on which this Regulation applies, the institutions of the European Union shall not be bound by the obligation to draft all acts in Irish and to publish them in that language in the Official Journal of the European Union.

The amended regulation, and in particular the derogation, is described as being “for practical reasons and on a transitional basis” and comes into effect from 2007.