Friends of Sinn Fein

Martin has gone off to America to persuade Irish Americans to be “elated” (according to todays IN) at the IRAs recent surrender.

I understand that Gerry will be off to the European Parliament next Wedensday for an “informal question and answer” session with MEPs. Alas, rumour has it, the President and Vice President of the Commission have refused a meeting. As have the leaders of the EPP-ED, the Socalist and Liberal groups! This leaves the extreme left (which includes the two Shinners), the Greens and the extreme right. Sounds like a pretty empty room to me!

  • Irish in America

    I think this post would get the award for “Most Biased Report from a Loyalist”. Move on, nothing to read here.

  • smcgiff

    Which part are you disputing, IiA?

  • The Dog

    The real anti-republican bias is really coming to the fore now esp thro the de Rossa types in the South – who having failed the disenfranchised cannot stand the fact that it is SF that are the fastest growing political force on this iisland (and the third biggest political party).

  • joe

    Does Micheal believe that the final act of putting arms beyond use has put the Republican Movement in a stronger or weaker position? I would love to hear his views on this.

  • bo shank

    interesting. It seems that while tolerated and their on-going criminality and gangsterism given a nudge and wink in both Westminster and Dublin, our political masters in gravy train land don’t feel the same desire to afford these wonderful people of their valuable time! Hell almost makes this eurosceptic want to say vive L’UE !

  • Vada

    Well written Michael.

    Its interesting to see that our continental friends have not been blinded with green tinted glasses as our friends across the pond usually are.

    It will also be amusing to see who Martin gets to meet in the US!

  • Harboy


    Bet there are more people there than at a meeting of the Ulster Unionist Parliamentary Party!

  • vada

    Harboy……rib tickling stuff.

    Will need to remember that one for future reference, when the tide turns!

  • Irish Aussie

    Does Micheal Shilladay & co really think that the situation is going to stay that way permanently. The unionists should start thinking about what the political landscape is going to look like in 10-20 yrs not 10-20 weeks